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Live Receptionist Service for Online Order Taking

As we all know placing an order online can be confusing and complicated. There may also be a time that you have one question standing in-between you and your purchase. A Courteous Communications helps take the questions and confusion out of online ordering. We will discuss the opportunities that await your business with having a live receptionist service for online order taking 24 hours a day.

Online Order taking provided by our Live Receptionist Service

Everyone loves the option to shop endless amounts online.

whopping 62% of consumers with internet access shop online at least once a month. By having the availability to shop online you also have the ability to shop anytime of the day. How many times have you found yourself up in the middle of the night shopping online? The kids, or the spouse has a birthday coming up and you want to find that perfect gift. You haven’t found the time to visit several different stores looking for that gift. Now that the house is quiet and everyone is sleeping, it is time to browse as many stores as your heart desires, online. By 2am or so, you have looked through 10 stores, found the perfect gift, paid for it, and now it is on its way to your doorstep. Mission accomplished. But wait… what if you had that one question that you needed answered before you could place that order?

A 24 hour order taking call center that has answers for your consumers

The consumer never sleeps, and neither does the option to shop online. Consumers understand that many stores do not stay open 24 hours a day. This means that when they have a question about an item they want to order, if the store is closed for the day, their question has to wait. When your store has closed for the day, our virtual receptionists are available to answer questions about your product 24 hours a day.

Let’s say Betty Smith has been shopping around on your website for an hour and is ready to order. Betty has a question about the golf club she wants to order for her husband. The website displays a 24 hour consumer call line. Betty calls the number, reaches one of A Courteous Communications helpful virtual order taking assistants and has the answer to her question in seconds. A Courteous Communications helps her process and complete her order.

If Betty did not have the option to speak to a live receptionist service agent, she would not have completed her order; she would have likely turned off the computer and made a mental note to call during business hours the next day. This call may not ever be made, and this company just lost that sale. Your company cannot afford to lose these sales. This is one of the main reasons why it is important for a live customer service and order processing agent to be available for online order taking.

We can help your consumers navigate through your website.

One of the great things about shopping online is that you’re able to do so from the comfort of your own home or office. When a consumer is scrolling through your website and has question on where to find a particular product, or is uncertain how the check-out process goes, our order taking answering service can walk them through it. Your client now has the comfort of their own home or office as well as the personal help and attention as if standing inside your store. This level of customer service is appreciated by everyone and you will see your return clientele on the rise.

Do you feel safe giving out your credit card information?

Many consumers do not like to enter their credit card information on websites. Consumers that have the option to speak directly to an order processing agent feel more secure after the payment process than a consumer that is required to input card information on the website. Our order processing agentsreassure the consumers that once their payment information is received, it is delivered directly to the company’s private internet vault. This secured program information is only viewable to those authorized by the company. It is a great feeling to know that your private credit/debit card information is being protected instead of flying around in cyber space.

A Courteous Communications is a 24 hour online order taking and processing answering service. When consumers have questions or need help navigating through a website we are ready to assist them. Having a live receptionist service for online order taking 24 Hours a day means profit growth for your business and never closing your doors to new sales. The consumer never sleeps, and who better to assist your customers than a company that doesn’t sleep either.

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