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How to Never Miss a Weekend of After Hours Potential Client Calling

Does Your Business Close at 5:00 pm?

Say you missed just 2 new customer calls a month because you offer normal 9-5 business hours. This means you lose 24 new customers a year!!! How would your business annual profit margin look if you had a minimum of 24 more paying customers? Think about your profits filed this past year. Were they all you hoped they would be? Did they under excite your appetite as a profit seeking entrepreneur or shareholder? Want to know the secret of how to never miss a weekend of after hours potential client phone call? For services as low as $10.00 a month, $120.00 a year, would it make sense for you to outsource your incoming business calls to an award winning after hours potential client servicet?

If you answered yes to that last question, you better stop reading now and give us a call 1.800.785.6161 to have a free initial consultation to discuss rates and services that will bring your next annual profit and loss statement more black than red ink this year.

How Many Customers Are You Really Losing?

It’s also silly to think that with all the downtime a 9-5 business has that there would only 2 missed called each month from a potential customer, client or buyer. If we wish to dive a little further into these numbers, a strategic business owner would also calculate the return business and referrals obtained from those initial 24 missed customer calls. And in essence, we are left with little information and only presumptions as to what the actual total profit loss was by turning on a voicemail at 5 pm each day and being unavailable on weekends all together.

Phone Answering Service in Orlando, Florida

A Courteous Communications telephone answering service based in Orlando, Florida is here for you! Our state of the art 24 hour call center operates around the clock for our business customers and our virtual assistants answer millions upon millions of calls each year. We are the experts when it comes to telephone answering services; call dispatching and fielding services; call handling and telephone message services; and scheduling and confirming your daily calendar.

Our live operators standby throughout the night to assist your business in processing credit card and customer payment transactions; giving you a full 24 hour telephone answering service support staff. We eliminate the middle man within your office and provide efficient and streamlined services that can help your calling customers with any inquiries they may have on your products and services.

We also take the phone calls a step further and can schedule the new lead appointment on your calendar or issue and dispatch a service request for your on-call staff. With our virtual assistants, you can replace the need for a receptionist, assistant, scheduler and customer service or sales representative because we have the power to fulfill all of those job titles. And we do so at a fraction of the cost it was take to hire internally.

Think About It

There are 168 hours in a week. If no one answers your calls after normal business hours, you are losing 128 hours of opportunity to grow your business each week. By the end of the year, you will have lost 6,656 hours of opportunities. Can your business survive that?

Never Miss Another Client Call Again

So, how do you ensure something like ‘never missing another potential client call again?’ You hire our virtual office receptionists at A Courteous Communications answering service to act as your outsourced telephone support staff. That’s how you never miss an important business call again!

During a free initial consultation we can share all the benefits and services we offer to our valued customers. We will also discuss your business details at length to decide upon a custom rate and service package that will be best for your specific needs. Let’s increase your business’s bottom line by opening your market reach and capabilities.

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