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Have a Medical Phone Answering Service? 7 Ways to Make Sure They Are Handling Your Calls Correctly

Our 24 hour medical phone answering service and call center handles each call with the care and professionalism needed for patients and physicians to receive all specified information correctly. Here are 7 ways we ensure all calls are being handled correctly.

7 Ways to know you chose the right Medical Phone Answering Service

1. Customized Accounts

Each one of the accounts at A Courteous Communications is created by the specific wants and needs of our customers. A detailed questionnaire is provided to all of our clients. This questionnaire lets us know exactly how and what information they would like to obtain from the caller. Once a customer has consulted with our programming department a customized account is built.

2. In-house Programming Department

As an emergency dispatch center, we know that emergency on-call information for physicians can change momentarily. We staff a full in-house programming department within our 24 hour medical call center to update these changes. When a doctor’s office calls A Courteous Communications with a change to their on-call schedule, updates are made immediately.

3. Informed Medical Virtual Receptionist

Each one of our virtual receptionists for doctors is updated with all account changes at the beginning of each shift. A printed memorandum is handed out for the agents to reference, emails are sent out as well. Each update email has a required signature field for our agents. This signed email confirms they have received and read all updates. If and when account changes happen in the middle of a shift, updates are also emailed out for immediate attention from our medical answering service.

4. Medical Answering Service

As a medical answering service and emergency dispatch call center, we know what it takes to retrieve all information needed from the caller. Our agents are trained with common medical knowledge and the use of medical abbreviations.  This training helps answer FAQs a patient may have. The use of medical abbreviations help in emergency message taking and quick response dispatching.

5. Repeating Caller Information

Repeating caller information is one of the most important elements of handling a medical call. Repeating the patient’s first and last name is very important when it comes to hospital calls. If a doctor returns a hospital call without the correct name of the patient, it will be hard for the nurse to connect the doctor to the correct floor of the hospital. The most important element of any medical call is receiving the caller’s telephone number. Once we ask the caller for their number it is then repeated back to them for confirmation. A patient with an emergency can be flustered and it is our top priority to obtain their return contact information correctly. If you have questions on how to place an emergency 911 call, please have a look at this 7 step guide.

6. Confirming a Call Has Been Returned

 Our agents take that extra step in confirming a patient, nurse or doctor has received a call back. Each one of our medical calls are placed on a recall list by our emergency dispatch agents. Once a medical call has been placed, our agents follow up with the caller to confirm they have been contacted. If the caller has not received a call back within the specified recall time, we dispatch the call out again.

7. Monitoring Medical Calls for Perfection

Each one of our agents in the 24 hour medical call center goes through a lengthy training process. Two full weeks of getting to know the information on our medical accounts is just the start of our intense medical staff training. After the two weeks of medical account training is completed, each agent is then partnered with a senior medical virtual receptionist for a week of side by side message taking. The next step in medical training is our emergency dispatching. Each element of a medical call and dispatching is reviewed for perfection. Our medical supervisors remain tuned in. Each one of our agents are monitored continuously for quality assurance and training purposes. We have found that monitoring helps in many ways, when listening in on a client’s line, we can prevent mistakes before they happen. This also allows us to make suggestions to our clients on how we can better serve them in the future.

A Trusted Medical Phone Answering Service Since 1986

Rest assured that your medical calls are being handled correctly. These 7 steps for correct message taking and dispatch make for error proof medical answering service. Give us a call today for your free consult!!

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