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Emergency Snow Day | Telephone Support for Your Ringing Lines

Are Your Business Telephone Lines Ringing Off the Hook Due to the Emergency Snow Days? Read on about how our small business answering service can give you the telephone support your business needs during natural disasters. 

A Courteous Communications has been answering the telephone lines for small and large businesses since 1986. During that time, our services have aided companies in keeping communications open with their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; especially through tough times such as America’s recent never ending snowstorms. Our state of the art technology and backup generators ensure that our 24 hour call center never goes down or receives service interruptions. We hold our heads incredibly high over here at A Courteous Communication Answering Service and we proudly share that we have never experienced service interruption in the nearly thirty years of service. That’s a track record your business can trust!

During the recent snowstorms, a large amount of America has been battling with the peculiar weather conditions; which started in 2013 and continues into the New Year. How do these severe storms affect your business? When an unexpected weather phenomenon happens, your customers will surely try to reach you for various reasons. Schools, businesses and government offices empty out to seek shelter from the storms or, if caught early, snow days are declared for those schools, businesses and government offices causing confusion, chaos and other calamities to occur.

If your telephone line is busy, inactive or not being answered, you are not providing elite service to your existing and potential customers. And without excellent customer service, you will surely lose business for every day you are not able to be there for your clients and customers. Who wants to lose money when you can take this opportunity to actually make a profit by attending to your customers in their time of need?

Some businesses appear to not have adequate business telephone answering services, telephone message services and call dispatch services in place for such emergencies. Our after-hours telephone answering service suggests that you remedy this lack of planning immediately. As a business owner, you must take responsibility for your services and products and step up to the plate to serve your current and potential customers with care, friendliness and a genuine concern for the problems and issues they are facing. With all the effects of a severe snowstorm, your customers are faced with time consuming gridlock; road accidents and crashes; fears for their loved ones’ safety; power outages; and other scary and inconvenient results of such bad weather conditions.

If you, the owner, answer your own incoming telephone calls and do not provide a business answering service team; you must understand, are only one person with two hands and have a great deal of limitations in serving your customers. If you allow our 24 hour telephone answering service to take those calls for you, it will free up your time so that you can attend to the business and service aspects of your company.

There is no reason why you should be a CEO and a receptionist for your business. Time is money and if you are wasting time on the telephone, there is another element of your business that is surely not being run to its full potential.

If you invest in hiring a virtual receptionist to answer your company’s telephone lines, you are investing in the future growth of your business. It’s that simple. We can be there for your customers providing our elite after-hours telephone answering and messaging services. No matter the time or day, you can be at ease knowing that our trained virtual office receptionists can handle your callers in a timely manner and provide them with courteous and accurate customer service.

Whether there’s a snowstorm, hurricane, or power outage, A Courteous Communications, an award winning telephone support team, is here for your business and awaiting your customers’ inquiries. Give us a chance to show you how we can help; give us a call now at 1-800-785-6161.

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