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Call Center Script Example: How We Answer Calls for a Restaurant

Call Center Script Example: How We Answer Calls for a Restaurant

There are countless benefits that you receive as a restaurateur when you decide to bring in a professional team dedicated to answering your incoming calls. Allow us to walk you through how we answer calls for restaurants so you can fully understand key guest services that we bring to the table.  

After reading this call center script example, we are hopeful that you will be hungry to have a virtual hostess standing by to assist your calling guests.   

Call Center Script Example for our Restaurant Customers

The Basics

First thing’s first, we want to help you get a general idea of how a restaurant answering service works for your establishment. Here is a brief overview of how we receive calls on your restaurant’s behalf.

  1. 1.) Training Begins on Your Account

After hiring our restaurant answering service, you will be involved in customizing your desired customer service experience. You provide us with your restaurant’s most frequently asked questions and answers; key information such as location, hours of operation and website information; and the contact numbers for the general manager, catering/event coordinator and emergency service technicians. Our call center agents will be trained on this information in order to properly assist your calling guests.       

  1. 2.) Call Forwarding

You then forward your calls to a designated phone number and all of your incoming calls are rerouted to our digital call center. Whenever a guest calls your restaurant, your new virtual hostess team will answer their call according to your exact specifications. We will then help that guest and provide impeccable customer service on your behalf.    

  1. 3.) Handling Reservations

Here at A Courteous Communications, we have state of the art technology and software that allows us to synch up to your reservation book. This allows your new virtual hostess team to book and handle reservations in real-time. After a reservation is booked, we will add the customer information into your calendar and we can even send a notification via text or email to the appropriate shift manager.

  1. 4.) Messaging and Call Transferring 

If your calling guest has a message for a specific department or employee, we will text or email the message to the recipient immediately after hanging up. If there is an emergency situation, we can transfer calls from your FOH or BOH staff to emergency service technicians and handle conference calls.  

  1. 5.) FOH and BOH Staff Hotline

Your new virtual hostess team will even be able to help answer calls from your on-site staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a waiter or line cook is unable to work their scheduled shift, they can call into this staff hotline day or night. If you provide us a list of your backup staff, we can then initiate the phone tree to find a replacement for that shift.  

Call Center Script for Restaurants

Now that you have a basic overview of how the answering service works, we want to give you an insider look into a conversation. Below is a call center script example showcasing some of the services we can provide to your restaurant.

Virtual Hostess:       Good evening and thank you for calling Smith’s Steak House. My name is Sara; how may I help you today?

Calling Diner:           Hi Sara, my name is Ted. I have a few questions I hope you can help me with. First, are you guys offering any dinner specials this week?

Virtual Hostess:       Hi Ted, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. This week the chef has a three-course special on the menu. To start, we will prepare our award winning lobster bisque, followed by our signature cut prime New York strip and for dessert, a perfectly prepared Crème Brûlée.

Calling Diner:           Wow, that sounds incredible. What time do you close tonight?

Virtual Hostess:       We close at 11:30 pm tonight. I see we have some availability. Would you like me to book a reservation for you and your party for a specific time?

Calling Diner:           Possibly, my wife and I are in town on vacation and are looking at restaurants provided by our hotel. Are you within walking distance from the Hilton on I-Drive?

Virtual Hostess:       We most certainly are, Ted. I can text you our address so that you can easily find us with a Google maps if you’d like.

Calling Diner:           Oh wow, that would be great. Also, do you have a dress code?

Virtual Hostess:       Our dining room dress code is smart casual. We ask that you refrain from wearing flip flops, ball caps and tank tops.

Calling Diner:           That’s doable. Can I book a reservation for 2 at 9:00 pm?

Virtual Hostess:       It looks like we have an opening. Ted, may I have your last name to book the reservation?

Calling Diner:           It’s Robinson.

Virtual Hostess:       Thank you, Ted, that’s Robinson, R-O-B-I-N-S-O-N. Is that correct?

Calling Diner:           You got it.

Virtual Hostess:       And do you have an email address or cell phone number I can send the confirmation to?

Calling Diner:           Email would be best; it gets sent to my cell. The email is

Virtual Hostess:       Thank you, Ted. I will send your reservation confirmation to T-R-O-B-I-N-S-O-N at X mailbox dot com. I will also be sure to include our address so you can find us easily. To confirm Ted, I have you booked for 2 at 9:00 pm tonight.

Calling Diner:           Perfect and thanks for your help.

Virtual Hostess:       It has been my pleasure. I hope you and your wife enjoy dinner tonight and have a wonderful time for the remainder of your vacation. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Calling Diner:           No Sara, you’ve been great. You take care.

Virtual Hostess:       Thanks Ted, you too and don’t hesitate to call if you have any other questions at all. Goodbye.    

Give Us a Try, Our Call Center Scripts Are Here to Help Your Restaurant 

We hope that this insider information and call center script example showcases the virtual services we can bring to your restaurant. Here at A Courteous Communications we offer affordable rates with no long-term commitment required. Try us out for a month and test drive our amazing hospitality industry-specific services to see how we fit in with your on-site staff.

Give us a call at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist and get your custom quote today.

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