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Business Advice for Startups: 5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

Business Advice for Startups: 5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

Why you need a blog for your business

You have just started your own business and we here at A Courteous Communications congratulate you on taking the steps needed to grow your new venture. You have set up your website and social media profiles but you may be debating on whether your new startup business needs a blog. We wanted to reach out to all the new business owners and give you our best business advice for startups; explaining just why and how your website can benefit from starting and maintaining a blog.    

1. A Website Blog Helps You Build Your Brand.

As a startup business, you will want to teach and show your new potential customers what your business is all about and what they can expect from you. A blog allows you to share your company’s unique culture by showcasing what is most important to you as a business owner. When you post blogs and articles that align with your company’s core values, you will be able to interact with your readers and teach them that your business is ready to help them in your given field or industry.  

Starting your blog can be as easy as you need it to be. Follow these steps to make sure that your brand and company culture speak through your blog:

  1. 1. Create a company mission statement and/or manifesto as a guide for the image you would like to give new customers.
  1. 2. Set a realistic goal for how many blogs you can commit to writing each week. Map out next month’s monthly schedule of when you will post a blog.
  1. 3. Now that you know how many blogs you will need for a 30-day blog campaign, you can begin to brainstorm ideal article titles. Begin by writing out your customer’s most frequently asked questions and brainstorm on what types of problems your users are faced with. This will give you a great start to making sure your brand is helpful and informative going forward.  

2. A Website Blog Allows You to Engage New Customers.

When you begin writing content for your website through a blogging platform, you will most certainly attract new customers to your website. Remember, your potential customers are out there searching the internet on your specific product or service. When you supply them with answers to their frequently asked questions and give them helpful tips to aid them in their buying decisions, they will be attracted to your website’s blog.

Use these helpful tips below to attract and engage with new customers looking for your product and/or services:

  1. 1. In order to get the highest number of eyeballs checking out your website’s blog, make sure you promote the blog on your social media profiles. When creating your website blog’s posting schedule, make sure to set time aside for posting on your social profiles as well. This step can take as little as 5 minutes per blog post if you create an organized publishing calendar.  
  1. 2. If your blog title answers a popular question or subject, be sure to check out different forums on the Internet and provide your blog link as an answer to a user’s question. For example, our business advice for startups in the landscaping industry is to search Google for homeowner’s questions about their lawn and landscaping. When you find specific questions that are answered in your latest blog, post an answer to that person’s question and provide a helpful link to your blog. This will engage various leads looking for answers that can be found on your blog. 
  1. 3. Also, if you are feeling ambitious, you can create a monthly newsletter to your current and future customer lists that include links to all of your website’s most recent blogs and articles.

3. A Website Blog Will Improve Your Search Engine Ranking.

All new entrepreneurs know, or should know, that having quality content on your website will improve your site’s ranking in search engines. When you commit to writing a blog regularly, you are committing to optimizing your website to be seen by your target market and qualified leads.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo will rank websites higher in their search results when they know the site owner is posting informative blogs on a consistent basis. You are basically telling these search engines that you want to help Internet searchers find what they are looking for, as well as give them answers that help guide them in their research phase. 

Some quick tips on how you can improve your search rankings are:

  1. • Before writing your blogs, make sure you perform keyword research. Keywords are the words that Internet users type into Google or Yahoo to find what they are looking for. When you are able to find keywords that are highly searched, try to incorporate those words and their synonyms into your blog title and content.  
  1. • For each blog you write, you are able to give search engine’s highly descriptive narratives of what your article is about. Never skip filling in the title tags and meta descriptions for each blog you write.   

4. A Website Blog Gives You an Expert Voice. 

Simply put, your blog allows website visitors to see how fluent you are in your specific industry. By writing educational and informative blogs, you are showing your audience that you are an expert in your field and they can trust that your product and/or service will fit their needs and expectations.

Follow these tips below to build your expert and thought-leader voice on your website blog:

  1. 1. Write informative answers to your customers’ frequently asked questions.
  1. 2. Make certain that you proofread all blog posts before publishing in order to keep an expert image.
  1. 3. Perform Internet searches often to see if there are specific answers that your customers are searching for. Be the first of your competitors to answer these questions and build your expert voice and brand. 

5. A Website Blog Can Help You Gauge What Your Customers Want. 

Once you start writing a blog you will notice that your website’s traffic will increase. Pay attention to your website analytics and closely follow along the backend of your site to see what blog titles are getting the most attention.

If you are starting to notice that a particular blog article is getting a lot of attention, ask yourself why. Are there ways you can expand on that popular subject? Are your website users posting comments to a particular article? Are one of your blogs experiencing long page views? These are all signs that your article is performing well and you can expand on that particular subject or area to gain more customers in the future.  

Call Us When Your Website Blog is Dominating Your Industry

The last of our business advice for startups when it comes to blogging is be prepared for all the new visitors to your website. Make sure that you are able to provide top quality customer service in response to your new business’s popularity. You have one chance to make a great first impression, so make sure your administrative and support team are prepared for any rise in orders or questions.

Our customer service telephone agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; should you need some extra support. 

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