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5 Reasons to Hire Retail Telephone Support for Black Friday

5 Reasons to Hire Retail Telephone Support for Black Friday

Experienced retailers know that Black Friday is the most profitable day of the entire year. Even the name Black Friday comes from the idea that retailers experience financial loss January through November. During the day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday, retailers all across the nation welcome the appearance of seeing a black line on their profit and loss sheets.

In 2014, “$50.9 billion was spent during the 4-day Black Friday weekend … approximately 133 million U.S. consumers shopped during this period.” That is a lot of customers expecting a great experience during the biggest sale day of the year.

In this article we bring you the top reasons to hire retail telephone support for Black Friday

1. Improvement of Customer’s Overall Shopping Experience with Retail Telephone Support 

Companies that provide multiple platforms to purchase products and receive assistance improve their consumers overall shopping experience. Create a hybrid customer service team complete with: 

  • • In-Store Customer Assistance
  • • On-Line Customer Services
  • • Live-Agent Telephone Support

By providing endless ways a customer can receive assistance; purchase products; or get answers to their FAQs, you are ensuring the most profitable Black Friday to date. Do not alienate customers that prefer to speak with a representative over the telephone. Top off your customer service team with a 24 hour retail call center that can make sure no customer is waiting for assistance when they are in the store or shopping on-line.     

2. Decrease Customer Service Desk Wait Times with Retail Telephone Support

Is your retail store preparing for long snake-like lines around your store help desk or customer service desk? Eliminate line buildups in your store by providing a 1(800) telephone hotline for your customers to utilize in place of standing in line.

When your customers don’t have to wait in long lines to have a problem solved or issue addressed, they are less likely to turn into disgruntled customers. Show your consumers that their time is valuable to you and invest in telephone customer support to assist your in-store help desk.   

3. Retail Telephone Support can Prevent Website Crashes Due to High Traffic Volumes

To provide great sale prices without affecting the health and safety of consumers, retailers are opening some of their Black Friday discounts to their website. However, in the past, websites have crashed due to the high traffic volumes that retailers did not prepare for.

On-line customers have experienced broken checkout pages, emptied shopping carts and login errors while attempting to shop on a retailer’s website. Even the large retail stores are not immune to having their website experience downtime due to Black Friday shopping. While you can prepare your hosting provider and your website to handle high traffic volumes, nothing is guaranteed.

If your website does go down, be prepared for Plan B by displaying a 1(800) phone number on the error’s splash page. Allow your website users to be instantly provided an alternative to complete their order or get further assistance.  

4. Eliminate the Recording, “We Are Experiencing High Call Volumes…”

Eliminate that recording that is the kiss of death for frustrated callers, “We are experiencing high call volumes, someone will be with you shortly.” Replace that looped message with an appropriately-sized call center that offers experienced agents 24 hours a day.      

When you place your trust in real live human beings that are experienced and prepared to assist calling customers, you are able to gain invaluable support for your callers. Hiring retail telephone support for Black Friday is an important decision for any business. It’s vital that you choose a call center that has the capability to handle high call volumes. 

5. Retail Telephone Support Provides The Power of Speaking With a Real Person

This day and age businesses are relying on providing quick and easy customer service through websites, apps and automated voice recognition software. However, some retailers must realize that their consumers are interested in personal attention and have issues that warrant speaking with a live agent instead of an email address or contact form.

We happen to agree with a recent article published by The Accounting Library“Telephone and face-to-face communications are the only two means of communications where tonal inflections can be used to assist you deliver your message or to understand your customer’s feelings.  Nothing will ever replace the power of a voice when it comes to selling.

Hiring a telephone support team during Black Friday will ensure that your consumers are receiving quality customer service. If an incident happened at your stores, allow your concerned customer to speak with a live agent to lodge their complaint and let out their frustration. If you do not provide a live person that your customers can complain to, they will take their issues and statements to social media. That is the last thing any retailer wants, their brand being tarnished all over the web. 

Give Us a Call to Learn More About Retail Telephone Support for Black Friday

This year, hire retail telephone support for Black Friday and have a little more control of your customer service during the busy shopping holiday. Our seasonal answering service allows you to purchase telephone answering services on a month to month basis with no long-term contracts. Hire our team of professionals when you need us and improve your overall customer satisfaction this Black Friday.    

Start the conversation by giving us a call today at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist about how we can help your retail business get outstanding customer reviews this Black Friday. 

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