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3 Ways Our Answering Service for Catering Companies Can Help With Your Holiday Parties

3 Ways Our Answering Service for Catering Companies Can Help With Your Holiday Parties

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you are a catering company, we are sure your phones are ringing off the hook with requests for private and business events. Our answering service for catering companies know that this time of the year is your most profitable and we are here to help you manage and grow your business. Let’s take a look at some of the tasks that we offer to bring your catering business to a new and supreme level.    

 Our Answering Service for Catering Companies is Here to Help You

1. Answering Your Catering Company Lines 24/7

According to, “Sales of social caterers in the U.S. were forecasted to reach approximately 9.08 billion U.S. dollars in 2015.” If you want your catering business to have a competitive edge over your competitors, we suggest being available when your potential customers need you most.  

In order to get the most of that estimated 9 billion dollar pie, you will have to make sure you never miss a call again. When working an event at night or over the weekend, who is answering your incoming calls? Who is qualifying those callers and turning them into valuable clients? If your answer is no one, you are losing out on potential events and we have a solution.

For as low as $19.95 per month, our answering service for catering companies can work as an extension of your kitchen or mobile office. Go ahead and calculate what one event is worth to your business. If it is more than $20, you have nothing to lose and so much more to gain by getting the administrative help you need to succeed in the hospitality industry.

2. Helping Your Callers With Their FAQ’s

Our award winning virtual hostess and receptionist team is able to help your callers with their frequently asked questions. We have an in-house IT department that can customize all of the details of your catering company into our state of the art software. Whether your customers have questions about your menu, services or just need help troubleshooting your website, our agents are able to assist them when you cannot.

When we are answering those frequently asked questions, you can be handling more pressing matters and increasing your productivity.      

3. Booking and Managing Your Event Calendar

Allow our virtual receptionist team to synch up with your events calendar and we can take our services a step further by turning that calling lead into a paying client. You train us on your schedule preferences and we will be able walk your callers through a list of predetermined qualifying questions that end with a new gig on your books.

To give you an idea of how helpful we can be, let’s take you through a mock conversation that leads to a sale:

Virtual Receptionist: “Hello and thank you for calling ABC Catering. This is Sarah, how can I serve you today?

Caller:  “Wow, I wasn’t expecting you to answer on a Saturday night. My name is Jane and I am actually looking for a last-minute caterer for my office.”

Virtual Receptionist:  “Hi Jane, yes we are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let’s see if we will be able to help you out. What is the date and location of the event you are looking to book?”

Caller:  “It’s actually this upcoming Monday at 6:00 pm. My boss forgot to hire a caterer and now we are in a jam. We are needing food for about 10 employees in one of the buildings in downtown Orlando for Legal Ease.”

Virtual Receptionist:  “Okay, Jane to confirm, you are looking to serve 10 people for an event this Monday the 9th at 6:00 pm in downtown Orlando. Have you picked a menu option from our website that you like?”

Caller:  “Yes and yes. We want to go with the Business Menu C option.”    

Virtual Receptionist: “Perfect, Jane. I am going to go ahead and place you on a quick hold while I confirm that we will be available on this date and time.

Caller:   “Sounds great, thanks so much, Sara.”


Virtual Receptionist:  “Hi Ellen, this is Sara with your answering service. I have a potential client on the other line looking to book you for a last minute event this Monday at 6:00 pm at Legal Ease in downtown Orlando. The company was interested in the Business Menu C and I see you are available, but I wanted to confirm before securing the event.”

Ellen:  “Yeah, I am available for that event. Can you go ahead and book the caller and process the retainer payment before emailing me the details?”

Virtual Receptionist:  “Will do, Ellen. I will go ahead and set everything up and send you the information so you can make contact.”               

Ellen:  “Great. Actually, can you just accept payment and then patch her through to my cell phone? I can speak with her now.”


Virtual Receptionist:  “Hi Jane, thank you so much for holding. We are available and if you would like to book us right now I can do so with a corporate credit card if you would like.”

Jane:   “Oh my gosh, yes. Thank you so much!

Virtual Receptionist:  “Perfect. I will just get down some important information so that I can fully process the event and then I will patch you through to Ellen, our lead event specialist, so you can discuss any special requests with her personally.

And that’s how easy an after-hour calling lead can be turned into a paying customer for your catering business!

Give Our Answering Service for Catering Companies a Call to Learn More

Our answering service for catering companies can supply customized and unique services to fit your business’s needs. Unlike our competitors, we also offer month-to-month contracts that give you the flexibility to hire us specifically for your busy seasons.

Start the conversation and give us a call today at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an accountant specialist about how we can help your catering business get through the busy holiday season.

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