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10 Reasons Your Business Should Hire Our Specialty Answering Service

We wanted to give you 100 reasons you should hire our speciality answering service but being in the business, we know time is money! Let’s get on with it:

10 Reasons why you need our Specialty Answering Service!

1. We Make You Money While You Sleep

Whether you are an attorney, accountant, physician, restaurant or franchise owner, you have a product or service that you are selling to your target market. Your callers are either potential customers, current customers or past customers. There are only a few reasons why your clients choose to call your business and one of those reasons is to buy your product or service.

Why not offer 24 hour customer telephone support to achieve in your number one goal of being a business owner; selling your product or service! We can answer and field those sales calls and turn your ringing telephones into dollars, consultations or service calls.

Need our specialty answering service to process your credit card payments and cancellation fees? No problem! We have you covered there too.

2. We Provide a Virtual Receptionist at Affordable Rates

As a business telephone answering service, we handle all the overhead costs associated with having a receptionist answer your customers’ calls. We take the burden off of your shoulders and allow you to increase your profits by providing you with low cost options for telephone answering and telephone message services.

Rates for our virtual receptionists can vary when it comes to monthly service fees. The greatest thing about our specialty answering service is that we work with any budget. Our call answering; call handling; and telephone message taking services can cost your business as low as $10.00 per month!

Always remember that with A Courteous Communications, you only pay for the calls we take on your behalf so you control your monthly service bill with our telephone answering service by forwarding your business lines when you need help the most. So if you expect heavy call volume on specific days or you would like to just forward your business callers to us after-hours and on the weekends, you determine when our virtual office receptionists answer your lines.

3. We Have NO Long Term Contracts and Offer Month to Month Services

Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t expect you to sign an annual contract for our telephone answering and message handling services. We bill with monthly invoices and only ask our customers to provide a 30 day notice of cancellation.

If your office is scheduling a marketing advertisement on television, billboard, magazine or radio and you expect a higher than normal call volume during the campaign, we can help on a temporary basis. During your initial consultation, discuss your marketing efforts with one of our virtual assistant account experts and learn of the custom options we can offer your business.

4. Multilingual Telephone Customer Service Support

Don’t miss a chance to gain new customer relationships for something as fixable as a language barrier. Our highly skilled and courteous virtual office receptionists can speak with your foreign language customers and assist you in providing information on your product or service.

We want to help you make that sale and help you schedule that new client appointment and as such, we offer a variety of multi-language telephone call handling services including English, Spanish and more! Give us a call now and let’s discuss your language preferences during a free initial consultation.

5. Scheduling Assistant and Real Time Schedule Updates

Our virtual receptionists synch up to your calendar program software and internet calendars to see your schedule in real-time. During your free initial consultation you discuss the parameters and scheduling procedures with one of our customer service experts and customize how we schedule, reschedule, cancel and confirm your daily appointments, meetings and consultations.

We can schedule those callers that call right at 5:01 pm; only to learn through a voicemail message that your offices have closed for the day. Why send your business to your competitors when you can handle that potential call inquiry for as low as 75 cents?

Need someone to call and confirm your upcoming meetings, consultation or appointments? No problem, our customer service telephone agents can make those calls for you and update your calendar. We can also text, call or message you when an appointment has been added or removed from your calendar; allowing you to always have your schedule at your fingertips. You can call into our 24 hour call center day or night and ask your virtual receptionist to dictate your schedule for the day. You can utilize our call recording features and hear your new customer’s call in detail at your convenience.

6. We Help You Keep Track of Business Operations with Reports

If A Courteous Communications Answering Service were to ask you how many calls you receive a day, a week, a month… could you answer us with a definite answer? How can you measure your growth if you don’t keep traffic of vital information such as:

✔ Where your callers heard about you?

✔ What are your busiest times of year?

✔ How many calls do you receive versus how many customers you retained?

✔ What are your appointment cancellation rates?

✔ What is your target markets’ time schedule?

These are all highly important figures and statistics that can help you plan the growth of your business and adequately prepare for high volume transactions. By knowing the details of the questions above, you will be able to build proper and effective business plans and change your business model to conform to your consumers’ wants and needs.

A Courteous Communications Speciality Answering Service has the power, software and procedures in place to email you call logs; call frequency and duration reports; cancellation numbers and reasons; marketing sources that are providing you with leads. All of this information will help you run your business more efficiently and more successfully.

7. Swift and Accurate Dispatching of On-Call Services

If you run a 24 hour business as we do, you know that calls never stop coming, no matter the time, day or particular holiday. You have to be prepared to not only answer those incoming after-hour calls but also dispatch them and confirm service completion.

Our virtual office receptionists are highly trained in such technical call handling features that all dispatch operators must possess. We can answer your incoming customer service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and then dispatch those inquiries to your on-call maintenance staff, servicemen or emergency personnel. Taking it a step further, we can monitor the service and confirm completion with your technician.

8. Award Winning Telephone Customer Service for Your Business

We are proud to be winners of dozens upon dozens of awards, certificates and industry accomplishments throughout the years for our outstanding elite customer service provided. Our virtual receptionists are trained to be an extension of your office and provide exceptional telephone support to your staff and calling customers.

With customize accounts; we are able to incorporate your brand, your business voice into our training program for the virtual receptionists who will be handling your telephone calls and messages. Our loyal business clients never have to worry about how their phone calls are being answered, handled, fielded and dispatched because they know that our award winning services can be trusted.

Go ahead and give us a chance to prove our success in customer service by scheduling a free initial consultation today!

9. We Bring Professionalism To Your Business 

When hiring a virtual receptionist through A Courteous Communications Answering Service, you are hiring a full support staff to assist you in running your business. Whether you need us just to be the voice of your mobile office; brick and mortar business; or multi-location franchise corporate center, we are here to help bring a sense of unity and professionalism to your company.

When you, the business owner, answers your own incoming calls, most likely, you are running from meeting to meeting; handling the behind the scenes tasks of being a CEO; or are at home with your family. You do realize that any background noise you are experiencing will travel seamlessly through your telephone receiver right into the ear of your potential customer? If a baby is crying; if the checkout clerk is ringing in your next item; if the car behind you in honking, your caller will hear that noise on their end of the telephone. They will also make an assumption about your establishment’s professionalism and automatically start building a case as to whether they can trust you or not.

With A Courteous Communications’ virtual office receptionists, we understand the importance of making a first lasting impression. We always answer your calls with a smile and a stigma of professionalism. Let us be the voice of your company while you are the face.

10. We Are the Best Telephone Answering Service Available

This last reason to hire us may fall into the biased category, but we have no shame in singing our praises as an elite business answering service. We have worked hard for nearly 30 years proving that you can trust us to deliver the best possible telephone answering, call handling and message taking services in the nation.

Being a 24 hour call center in Orlando, Florida does not limit our services to the community. Being in the telephone answering service industry we are able to help businesses worldwide; no matter the time zone, no matter the language spoken, we are here for our customers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

We don’t see our valued customers as profit and loss statements; black and white figures. We see business owners as partners. Our President, Doris Primicerio, always says that our success depends on your success as a company. We want to make your experience with our telephone answering service as easy and as open as possible. Therefore, we hold periodic meetings with our customers to discuss their business; discuss their satisfaction levels with their virtual receptionists and to just generally catch up with them. When you are a customer of A Courteous Communications, you are also a friend and business affiliate where communication is open and constant.

Have you made it this far in the list? We can continue on to list the top 100 reasons you should hire our telephone operators but you better get back to running your business and trying to decide how we can help you take it to the next level.

Want to learn more about our specialty answering service?

Give our awarding winning specialty answering service a call and let’s talk during a free initial consultation to discuss your business’s ringing telephone calls and how we can help alleviate some of the support staff and clerical stress you may be experiencing.

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