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10 Reasons to Hire Our Seasonal Answering Service During the Holiday Rush

10 Reasons to Hire Our Seasonal Answering Service During the Holiday Rush

Businesses are preparing themselves all around the world as the busy holiday season quickly approaches. Are you fully staffed to handle the influx of customers that swarm your website looking for your products and services? Who is answering your business telephone lines after normal business hours to secure orders and assist potential customers?

Get ready for a crash course on how our seasonal answering service can help your business grow this year. 

1. 24 Hour Holiday Customer Service 

Your target market is searching the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for products and services they need during the holidays. They are ready to buy, buy, buy and if you give them an answering machine telling them to, “Call back during normal business hours,” you are losing that sale. How many transactions can your business afford to lose? Don’t lose another customer to your competitor because you can’t handle after-hour transactions.

Our award winning answering service is here to help take your business’s product or service orders all day, every day. We can also assist by answering frequently asked questions so that your busy staff isn’t pulled away from other pressing matters.  

2. Our Talented Dispatchers Come to the Rescue

Are you a seasonal service business that sees spikes in your business during the holidays? We have a team in our call center that is dedicated just to dispatching service calls to your on-call technicians. Our staff of highly trained dispatchers will make sure that no customer service call ever fall through the cracks and we can streamline your internal employee communication; improving your business productivity on a large scale.

When you hire our seasonal dispatchers you can rest assured that your business calls are in qualified hands.  

3. Secure Credit Card Processing

A Courteous Communications has a state of the art call center that constantly adapts to innovative security software; ensuring that your customers’ personal information is always safe and protected. We can securely process your holiday orders and take payment over the telephone for your customers who prefer to make purchases with a live operator.

Thousands of websites crash every year because they cannot handle the high traffic and activity during the holiday seasons. Allow our seasonal answering service to help your internal operations run smoothly by giving alternative ways to purchase your products or services in the event your website crashes.   

4. Trained in Emergency Call Handling

Our friendly telephone agents are entrusted with handling emergency calls from hospitals, medical professional offices and 24 hour emergency holiday hotlines. You can trust that your emergency calls will be handled by caring, empathetic and confident telephone agents that are 100% effective in high stress situations.

We answer millions upon millions of calls each year and some are life and death situations and so, we are confident in providing emergency call handling for just about any business out there.      

5. Overflow Virtual Receptionists Available

Our team of virtual receptionists works as an extension of your office and current staff. If your on-site receptionist is busy with another caller, we have unique features that allow all overflow calls to be directed straight to your virtual receptionist team. We provide extensive training on your account and your customers and clients will never even realize that they are speaking with your overflow answering service.

Professional offices like attorneys, accountants and realtors enjoy how seamlessly we can connect with your current office telephone lines. Enjoy the benefits of never missing a call because you were on the other line assisting another customer. We here at A Courteous Communications have got you covered!   

6. Don’t Spend a Fortune on Holiday Pay

We understand that employers during this busy season cringe at the words, “Holiday Pay,” and, “Time and a Half.” With our seasonal answering service you never have to worry about breaking your business’s payroll budget by having to pay time and a half to your current employees because you need the coverage.

Allow your staff to enjoy the holidays with their family and friends without losing the customer service support needed during the busy holiday months. If there are specific tasks that a current department or employee needs to address, we have fully customizable answering services that can help. You train our account specialist on emergency call procedures and we will patch through the calls that meet your specific criteria to any on-call personnel.  

7. 30 Years of Experience You Can Trust

We opened our call center in the heart of Orlando back in 1986 and have been providing elite answering services for the past 30 years. Most of our receptionists and call handlers have been with our company for years and we have built an answering service that is in the top tier of the telecommunication’s industry.

When you hire A Courteous Communications, you are hiring a team of seasoned professionals to act as an extension of your office.    

8. An Award Winning Customer Service Team

Year after year we are proud to be the recipients of customer service awards, given both nationally and internationally. Our team leaders are dedicated to providing elite answering services and train our agents one-on-one with each of our accounts.

We constantly monitor and record the calls our telephone agents take on your company’s behalf to ensure quality control. Our call center has high expectations of our virtual receptionists and you will see the benefits of our award winning customer service if you give us a trial run this holiday season.  

9. We Don’t Require Long Contracts

Unlike other answering services out there, we do not require long-term contracts for our services. This unique benefit helps seasonal businesses gain the extra support needed on a month to month basis. Hire our team on a 30-day basis and allow us to wow you with our services while having the freedom to cancel services after the holiday rush is over.

10. Our Prices Are Highly Competitive

Our team encourages you to shop around to research and compare service rates. We are confident in our highly competitive seasonal answering service packages, that can cost as little as $19.95 per month.

Let our seasonal answering service handle your calls while you enjoy the holidays 

Since we have the ability to fully customize all accounts to meet our customers’ exact needs and specifications, we suggest reaching out to us today to start the conversation. All initial consultations are 100% free so why not give us a call at 1-800-785-6161 to discuss your call volumes and the specific services you will need during the holiday season. 

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