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Month: August 2016

Business Advice for Startups: 10 Ways to Stand Out Among Your Competitors
If you’re just starting a business, you’re most likely entering an intensely competitive market. It’s hard not to bump elbows with your competition and it’s equally hard to stand out amongst them. Even though your market is crowded, you think you can sell your product or service better than the current businesses out there. Our business
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10 Essential Skills a Professional Virtual Receptionist Needs to Master
Being a virtual receptionist is a highly undervalued and underestimated profession. We have to constantly be on guard; ready for anything with a cheerful smile on our face and helpful demeanor. We work hard at 3 pm and 3 am; during weekends and holidays. We field emergency calls for hospitals and book table reservations for well-known restaurants.
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B2B Customer Service Tips: 5 Ways to Deliver Impressive After-Sale Service
When you’re a business that caters to other businesses, you have a very unique ability to create powerful and long-term relationships. By relating to your customers on an entrepreneurial level, you can encourage a more intimate and lasting connection. We want to help you learn how to give your customers that extra special attention that
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What Does a Live Answering Service Do?
We love giving behind the scenes and detailed looks into our field of expertise. For those of you not in the telecommunication’s industry, we want to help you understand and locate the best answering service solution for your needs. In this article we feature the various answering services available, but give you an insider look
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