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Month: February 2015

Why 1800 Flowers Should Hire Our 24 Hour Telephone Answering Service
Valentine’s Day has come and gone and here at A Courteous Communications, we hope you all enjoyed the lover’s holiday. Reading over the headlines in the news, we learned that hundreds of customers were less than pleased with 1-800-Flowers this Valentine’s Day. We wanted to discuss why we believe that if they had hired our 24
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Diary of An Agent: Virtual Receptionists Keeping Your Hotel Guests Happy Through the Night
One of the late-shift virtual receptionists on my team asked me to cover for her so that she could take her son to visit her parents over the weekend. I usually have the morning shift so I jumped at the opportunity to see who was calling in during the wee hours of the morning over here at
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Why Our 24 Hour Telephone Answering Service Prohibits Cell Phone Use
At the start of every shift, all of our virtual receptionistsare required to turn their cell phones off or place the ringer on silent and put that mobile device away with their personal belongings in a secure locker. A Courteous Communications has a zero tolerance policy for cell phone use while our agents are on
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How to Find Qualified Medical Answering Services
If you are a medical provider or work in the medical industry, you understand the importance of having a reliable and professional medical telephone answering team. The people that are hired to answer your patient lines are entrusted with the well-being of your medical practice or facility. Here at A Courteous Communications, we have 30
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What a Virtual Office Receptionist Can Do For Your Business
In a land of so many virtuals, it is not surprising that many startup businesses and small business entrepreneurs choose to begin their company as a virtual office. In this article, we will pick apart what a virtual office is and more importantly, what a virtual office receptionist can bring to your mobile company. Allow our 24 hour
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