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new years resolutions

Keep Your Business New Year’s Resolutions by Hiring a Virtual Live Receptionist Service
We don’t want to burst any entrepreneurial bubbles, but, “Only 8% of Americans that make a New Year’s resolution, achieve their resolution.” How can a business owner beat this sad statistic? Hiring a virtual live receptionist service this year is guaranteed to increase your chances of achieving these common New Year’s resolutions: • I want to attract new/more customers
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The Ultimate 2017 New Year’s Resolution for Small Business Owners Broken Down Into 15 Steps
According to Statistics Brain, only 8% of Americans that make a New Year’s resolution, achieve their resolution. Even though that’s a disheartening statistic, we want to help you be successful in keeping your business goals this year. As such, we bring you the ultimate 2017 New Year’s resolution for small business owners and break it down into small
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