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Top 10 Mistakes Call Centers Make with Telephone Agents
Did you know that call centers have one of the highest turnover rates of any industry? It’s an extremely stressful job that is highly underestimated. The reason for short agent “life spans” is due to many call centers undervaluing the importance of keeping agents happy. Whether you’re the owner of a call center or are
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Celebrity Call Center: 10 Famous Fictional Receptionists
Our virtual receptionists love having fun in our call center while hard at work helping our customers’ customers. In this special article, we want to showcase some of the most famous fictional receptionists seen in movies and films. Although most of the receptionists that make our list wouldn’t pass our strict hiring process, we still
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Behind the Scenes: Call Center Job Description and Agent Tasks
A customer reaches out to contact your office and the phone call is rerouted to a digital call center. A virtual receptionist handles your calls, forwards your messages and updates your calendar. And there you have it; a simplistic view of how a call center streamlines your business communications. To get a detailed understanding of
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What is an Inbound Call Center?
Here’s a little riddle to get your internet research started. What is open 24/7/365; speaks multiple languages; handles millions of communication transactions annually; and never calls in sick? Nope, it’s not the Internet, and it’s not an actual telephone. It’s an inbound call center! What is an inbound call center? Today’s article is devoted to
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The History of Telephone Operators and the Modern Digital Call Center
What do you call the hardworking professionals that answer millions upon millions of calls each year? We go by so many names and since our services have such a broad range, we are equivalent to combining several employees into one job description. Whatever you call us – operators, customer service reps, telephone agents or virtual
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