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Virtual Receptionist Service That Helps Your Food Truck Marketing Campaigns

Virtual Receptionist Service That Helps Your Food Truck Marketing Campaigns

If you recently joined the world of food trucking, you realized how much work it takes to start, market and operate your new mobile business. If you are a lucrative food truck owner and chef, time is of the essence and you have no extra moments to spare. This article focuses on showing you three ways a virtual receptionist service can help run your food truck’s communications and how a food truck answering service can be an invaluable asset.

How our virtual receptionist service can help your food truck

1. Phone It In

With all the focus on social media marketing, your food business may lose out on creative ways that can help increase not only your productivity but your profitability as well. Certain food trucks allow phone in orders and they claim that this helps them meet their customer’s demands for popular food items.

Hiring a food truck answering service to take your phone orders will give you a competitive edge by:

  • •Allowing your loyal customers to get first dibs on hot menu items before they get 86’ed
  • •Helping you make smarter food and ingredient purchases based on caller demands
  • •Keeping you focused on preparing food and not having to spend time taking orders
  • •Giving you the ability to track past sales in an easy to retrieve call log with orders placed

Allow a live receptionist service to handle your customers that love personal and unique services. You can place a 1-800 number on your food truck that rings straight to your new virtual hostesses and order takers. From there, we can take your diner’s orders and forward them to you in real-time.

Interested customers will seek out your menu on your website and social media profiles. You can also offer them more personal assistance by giving them a phone number to call for daily specials, parking locations and other information about you and your mobile restaurant.

2. Customer Loyalty Program

Start a customer loyalty program with our virtual receptionist service and never lose out on securing your loyal customers’ information, interests, favorite dishes and special requests. Our basic food truck answering service can cost you as little as $10 per month. All of the features available are customized by you for your customers’ convenience.

When customers follow your Facebook and Twitter accounts, they are able to see where you are and what menu options you are featuring on any given day. The issue this raises for your marketing campaign is that you have no way of following them in return; once they have found what they were looking for, they’re gone and you have no way of capturing those leads.

Our food truck answering service can capture those calling leads to make sure you get the most out of your marketing investments, but we can even take our services a step further. Our team of virtual receptionists can also assist in answering your food truck’s most frequently asked questions. This saves you time, money and energy.

3. Catered Events and Unique Scheduling Services

All of the food truck blogs out there agree on one thing, profits skyrocket when you cater an event. Be unique in your food truck marketing and don’t send your inquiring callers to your cell phone, send them to your highly skilled team of virtual schedulers to book you for their special events.

 Our food truck answering service can sync up to your on-line calendar and provide you with constant updates to your schedule. Let’s map out some of the unique and creative ways we can help book your catered events.

•Scheduling Catered Events and Office Parties
As your event coordinator, we will take down all the necessary information for you to successfully cater to a group of individuals. You tell us when and where your food truck is available to prepare and deliver the food. We will then block off certain times on your calendar and shoot you a text message or email letting you know a new event has been booked.

•Local Office Lunch Orders
Think about having a live receptionist service available 24 hours a day for local businesses to call in and place orders for daily lunch deliveries. Targeting employees in small to large businesses will put pep in your profits; giving you reliable and consistent lunch services anywhere you happen to be located. We will work with the office manager and take down all of the staff’s lunch orders and send you a bulk order via email, text or phone. By delegating your order taking to a food truck answering service, you are freeing up valuable time that can be used for more productive tasks.

•Available 24 Hours a Day
Let’s face it, you are busy with a multitude of tasks while working your daily shifts. When you are on the food line, your focus should be 100% on preparing the best food possible. When your cell phone is ringing off the hook and you have a spatula in your hand, it’s difficult to tell your burger to hold its cooking process for a minute. Don’t burn another order! Allow us to be the friendly voice and gatekeeper that answers your phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you a food truck owner? Call our virtual receptionist service today!

Hiring telephone support and assistance can be affordable. Our virtual receptionist service will help you run a more effective and streamlined food truck business by freeing up your time to do what you do best, cook amazing food that gets people hungry for more. Click here and shoot us a message now to find out how our team can be a part of your traveling team.

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