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The Top 30 Benefits of Having a Virtual Receptionist

The Top 30 Benefits of Having a Virtual Receptionist

Our digital call center has been answering calls for businesses like yours since 1986. That’s 30 years of offering telecommunication customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In that time, we’ve become trustworthy experts in our industry and handle millions upon millions of call transactions each year.

Needless to say, we’re a bit passionate about our jobs. We love answering our customers’ lines. We can think of an infinite amount of creative and customizable benefits your business can enjoy by hiring a virtual receptionist team to answer your lines.

But, in an effort to save time and rush to the good stuff, we’re going to be counting down the top 30 advantages you can expect to receive by outsourcing your calls.

30 Ways A Virtual Receptionist Can Benefit Your Business

  1. 1.) You’ll never miss another after hours or weekend call from a potential customer or lead again.  
  1. 2.) Virtual call centers bring a streamlined and uniform customer experience to all of your callers.
  1. 3.) Detailed messages are taken from your callers with all the information you need to make an informed callback at your convenience.
  1. 4.) Assist customers in their language and open up your market by offering multilingual customer service.
  1. 5.) Have all of your calls prescreened to limit menial distractions from reaching you on a daily basis.
  1. 6.) Your business only pays for the calls the virtual receptionist takes on your behalf, (instead of paying a full-time employee salary).
  1. 7.) Virtual schedulers can schedule, confirm, cancel and manage your calendar in real-time.
  1. 8.) Enjoy dispatching services that allow a call to be forwarded to your cellphone wherever you are in the world. 
  1. 9.) You can confidently tell your customers that you offer 24-hour telephone support and assistance for their convenience.
  1. 10.) Unlike in-house employees, your new virtual receptionist will never call in sick and will never need time off for holidays or vacations.
  1. 11.) Professional call centers have state of the art equipment and backup generators you can rely on (even during national disasters) for continuous phone coverage.
  1. 12.) Your mobile office can easily conduct business without being tied down to a physical location.
  1. 13.) All marketing efforts can be easily tracked with a digital call center’s ability to assign and monitor different phone numbers for each campaign running. 
  1. 14.) Telephone agents are able to process orders over the telephone and turn calls into paying transactions.
  1. 15.) Outsource your business calls to a qualified team of customer service experts that are trained in handling a variety of issues and personalities.
  1. 16.) A virtual customer service rep is able to answer your callers’ frequently asked questions according to your exact specifications.
  1. 17.) You aren’t hiring an extra “pair” of hands. You’re hiring an entire team to give your customers extra special attention.
  1. 18.) If you’re a one-person show, a virtual call center team can bring a professional and trustworthy presence to your brand.
  1. 19.) No long-term commitment required on your behalf. Hire a team on a month-to-month basis or to assist during your peak season.
  1. 20.) Conduct beneficial telemarketing customer service surveys to improve your customer satisfaction.
  1. 21.) Outsourcing your calls to a digital call center is like hiring a contractor. You don’t have to worry about paying for employee benefits.
  1. 22.) Highly trained virtual receptionists act like an extension of your staff and are often mistaken as in-house employees.
  1. 23.) Take advantage of the freedom a professional answering service can give while you travel for business.
  1. 24.) Sales professionals love our ability to ask qualifying questions to their calling leads before they invest time in closing a sale with a prospective buyer.
  1. 25.) All of your phone messages can be delivered in real-time via text message, email, facsimile or even with a personal phone call. You choose the most convenient way to retrieve your messages; it’s that simple.
  1. 26.) Need a reliable wakeup call? No problem, we have you covered. Our agents are able to wake you up no matter the time zone you’re in. 
  1. 27.) You can customize all aspects of your account and your new support team will be trained to answer your phones according to your exact specifications.
  1. 28.) Request that your calls be recorded for quality assurance and have audio files emailed to you for playback at your convenience.  
  1. 29.) Give your callers access to your business during major national holidays when your competition is closed.
  1. 30.) With our call center in particular, you gain 3 decades of award winning customer service.

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