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The Oldest Business Telephone Answering Service in Orlando

Some shy away from their true age but the female owners of A Courteous Communications Answering Service sing their establishment date to the community. Yes! Our business telephone answering service was born in Orlando on a hot summer day in July of 1986!

President and Founder or A Courteous Communications, Doris Primicerio, opened her telephone answering service back in the mid-80’s and is very proud to share the success of the company’s nearly 30 year tenure. Her Vice-President and Director of Operations, Jean Pearson, has been with the company for 25 of those glorious years.

The two women that have dedicated their lives to the success of A Courteous Communications sat back as competitors opened, and shortly thereafter, closed their doors in the telecommunications’ industry in Central Florida and surrounding areas. When the national recessions came A Courteous Answering Service was able to keep a steady line of loyal customers and bounce back with little to no issues once the economy improved. When horrific hurricanes came to the Florida shores, such as Hurricane Katrina, A Courteous was working around the clock; answering, fielding and dispatching emergency business and consumer calls. They have seen the best of times and the worst of times but above all, the two devoted female owners are proud of their company that has been able to stand the tests of time.

Being the oldest business telephone answering service in Orlando that is still intact is no easy feat. Since the telecommunication’s industry and telephone answering service field is ever changing and constantly modernizing, it’s up to A Courteous Communications to stay with the times and adopt the new technology available.

Doris and Jean have made countless connections and networking relationships throughout the years and have stayed abreast of the new features, services, technology and software programs available to keep A Courteous Answering Service evolving with their competitors. With state of the art system and backup generators in the award winning 24 hour call center, the two owners can declare that they have never had service interruption. That’s a business accomplishment that you can trust considering the incredible length of A Courteous Communications’ success as a telephone answering service.

Another challenge in the 24 hour call center industry is retaining and keeping quality virtual receptionists; as our field has such a high turnover rate. Doris and Jean have placed a team together –with the majority employed by the company for over 10 years– that act as a small family and all have a vested interest in the success of the answering service. The years pass and the relationships with the CEO’s and the Telephone Agents become closer and closer creating an amazing working atmosphere and community within the community. Whether the team is together during a company bbq or they are all on the front line serving at a soup kitchen; there is an incredible sense of unity.

Ms. Primicerio will be entering A Courteous Communications Answering Service into various customer service contests this upcoming 2014. She has been able to fly around the world accepting awards, certifications and acknowledgements for being in the top 10% of the telephone answering service industry and hopes to share this year’s continued hopeful winnings with you all.

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook so you can share in the upcoming celebrations this nearly 30 year old business has yet to achieve. But we know it’s coming because of our elite track record, hard work and consistent business telephone answering service!

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