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The Electrician’s Virtual Receptionist Can Improve Your Customer Service Satisfaction

Men and women all around the world go through months and even years to earn the title of “Certified Electrician.” Our electricians have worked hard for their title, and the level of training and care comes through in their work. Electrician’s Virtual Receptionist show that same passion through our customer service. Here are a few ways we assist our Electrical Companies while they are busy on the job.

Benefits provided by our Electrician’s Virtual Receptionist Service

Live wire

Make no mistake; I have little to no knowledge in the electrical field. But, I do know that a live wire is a wire carrying an electrical current. When electricians are working with live wires, 100% of their focus and attention needs to be on the task at hand. They are trained on how to work with electricity. While many of our electricians offer information on how to avoid electrical problems, A Courteous Communications likes to leave electrical business to the experts. Our electricians like to leave their customer service to our expert virtual receptionists for service professionals.

Sharing company information

Many of our Electrical Companies run with a very small office team. Our virtual receptionists are their extended office, so when calls come in, we want to give them as much company information as possible. We take pride in handling the customer service department for our busy electricians, boasting about a great company and their services come natural to our agents.

When electrical companies set up their company profile we ask them to give us all the information that they would like to share with their callers but may not have the time to do so. When a new client call comes in, we are able to share this information. First time callers especially love learning about a company they are thinking about doing business with. Owner information, years in business and some of the large projects the company has completed are among some of the most popular fields of information. Leaving a new client call with a real sense of company knowledge is a great way to start a business relationship.

Leads and sales calls

Our electricians have a good idea of what their ideal sales call would sound like. They also know that they have little time themselves to handle leads the way they would like to.

Outsourcing their customer service and sales calls to the experts is the only way some of our electricians can operate their small business. Each of our 24 hour call center clients provide personalized account requirements to follow when new client calls come in. Our trained virtual receptionists provide all information, and answers to questions for new client calls.

With our electricians specifically, there are several different departments, for example: indoor, outdoor, wet, dry and underground electrical work. Many of our electrical companies provide us with service information for each department. When a sales call comes in our agent ask which service department they would like information on. By having separate sales information for each department we are able to provide very detailed information to the caller. Our electricians love this service.

Scheduling New Service Appointments

Like many companies there is only some much pricing you can give before seeing the job personally. Once we have provided detailed information to the caller, they are ready to set up a day and time to meet the electrician. Our electrician’s virtual receptionist is ready to manage all elements of the company’s appointment book.

The ability to schedule new service calls as well as receive tons of service information during the first point of contact call makes it a breeze for our electrical company’s potential clients. All within the first point of contact, company profile information is happily shared, detailed service and sales questions are answered and finally a meeting with the electrician is scheduled. This is customer service at its finest.

Just like magic

At the end of a busy day, we all like to kick up our feet. Our electricians have been working hard, so we want to relay their new leads and service calls to them the most convenient way. A detailed list of their callers and appointment book is forwarded to them by text, email, or fax. All they need to do is let us know what time they want their call details from the day, and it’s done.

Let our Electrician’s Virtual Receptionist Assist your Business

While our electricians are working hard making sure those “live wires” are being handled with professionalism and care, A Courteous Communications is working hard to provide their callers with the best customer service in the business. Send us a message today for details on how you can start outsourcing your customer service calls to A Courteous Communications today and have our elite electrician’s virtual receptionist assist your company. 

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