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Are You Moonlighting?

You may have heard of the term moonlighting. Moonlighting defined is having a second job, typically secretly and at night, in addition to one’s regular employment. It’s no surprise that most employers are not fans of moonlighting activities because it takes your focus, time and commitment away from their company. 

Be sure to check your employment contract, as many businesses have outlined a specific, “No Moonlighting Policy.” As the definition suggests though, most of the time, employees are working their second job or starting their small business discreetly; away from the watchful eyes of human resources.

This can be dangerous so proceed with caution. You can fall victim to losing your security if word gets around the office about your nightly and weekend business responsibilities.

Things to Consider When Starting a Side Business

Our answering service for small business ventures has been providing transitional assistance to entrepreneurs for 30 years. We know exactly what’s in store for you in the months to come and want to discuss certain factors that need you need to consider.

We are in complete agreement with Money Crashers, when they list some of the top issues small startup entrepreneurs face when moonlighting. Let’s discuss the challenges you will face and how a live receptionist service can help burden some of those responsibilities.  

Say Goodbye to Your Personal Time

According to an American Express study, the most cringe-worthy phrases customers don’t want to hear:

  • •How many callbacks do you anticipate having to make on a daily basis?
  • •When do you plan on returning phone calls to interested leads or current customers?
  • •How many hours each day will you focus on communicating and reaching out to leads and potential customers?
  • •How many of your suppliers, technicians or outsourced companies will need logistic and other important information relayed to them?

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