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Small Ways to Improve Productivity at Work

Small Ways to Improve Productivity at Work

It’s almost 3pm and your to-do list is still a mile long. Where did the time go? If you often find yourself in this situation at work, it may be time to change your routine and find some creative ways to improve your work productivity.

Effective productivity involves creatively managing your tasks at hand and improving your approach to the workweek. There are only so many hours in the day, so making the most of your time is vital. Being productive is one of the most valued qualities an employee can possess. Not only this, but it may be your key to being truly happy in the workplace. Maintaining and enhancing your productivity will decrease negative energy and increase your confidence, which will make work more rewarding and enjoyable.

Here are a few simple ways to improve productivity at work and help you get more done in the day– without the stress.

Productivity Tips To Improve Your Work Day: 

Create a realistic daily to-do list

Being productive is about taking things one step at a time. Creating a daily to-do list, instead of a monthly or weekly one, will help you properly pace your time and reduce stress. Doing this will help you fully concentrate on the tasks at hand for the day instead of feeling overwhelmed about your entire weekly workload. 

As you start to cross off your to-dos, even if they are something small, you will notice that your work will improve with this organized and stress free way of scheduling your day. Break down big tasks into smaller ones to help you stay on track and feel more accomplished about your daily performance.

Organize Your Desk and Workspace

A cluttered workspace can cause increased levels of stress and distractions at work, resulting in decreased levels of productivity. Having a well-organized workspace that you feel comfortable in can allow you to accomplish more tasks in less time. It can also provide many benefits, including improved time management, being able to locate items quickly, and freeing your mind to focus on tasks.

Set aside some time to organize and clean your workspace. Throw out documents you don’t need, get rid of excess clutter, and develop an organization or filing system. You’ll be shocked to see how much easier it is to be productive when you’re working in a clean and organized space.

Eat Well and Snack Smarter

It’s surprising how much of an impact food can have on your mood and overall productivity. That cheeseburger and fries may sound like an easy and cheap lunch but how are you going to feel afterwards? Chances are you are going to start to feel sluggish and less motivated. By eating light and snacking on things high in protein throughout the day, you will keep your metabolism rolling allowing you to stay productive and motivated. 

Keep granola bars, pretzels or nuts at your desk for easy and healthy snacking. And make sure to start your day with a healthy breakfast to give your body the fuel it needs to get going.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can have many negative effects on not only your health but also your overall performance. Studies show that adequate sleep is necessary in order to be fully productive throughout the workday. Depriving yourself of the sleep you need will impair your attention, focus and working memory. It can also negatively affect your mood and increase anxiety.

The amount of sleep needed varies slightly in individuals, but according to the National Sleep Foundation it is usually between seven and nine hours a night.  Giving your body the rest it deserves is such an easy way to help you be more productive and focused. When you are not getting sufficient sleep each night, you are making it impossible for yourself to work at your peak performance. So go to bed! You will thank yourself in the morning.

Take a Walk

Stockholm University study found that physical activity and exercise during work leads to higher levels of productivity. Everyone experiences that mid-day slump from time to time, so when you find yourself fading take a break and go on a walk. This simple activity will increase your metabolism, boost your mood, improve focus, spark creativity and most importantly keep you healthy.

There are many health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time so it is important to give your body a little boost of activity throughout the day. You will come back to your desk feeling re-energized with fresh eyes and a clear head. When you feel good you are more likely to experience an increase in motivation, which will help you to be as productive as possible.

We hope these tips help with your work productivity!

A common misconception is that being more productive is simply about getting more done in less time. When in reality, it has more to do with improving your approach to the workweek and finding creative ways to manage your tasks and schedule. Take the time to self-evaluate your daily habits (at both work and at home) and develop a new plan that works for you. Even the slightest change to your normal routine can significantly aid you in becoming more productive at work.

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