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Reservation and Virtual Hostess Help for Your Business

For many restaurants the only time the phone is being answered is when the restaurant is open for business. If a potential customer is calling and the restaurant is not opened, the questions they have are not going to be answered and their table reservations are not being booked. Think about this important question: How Much Business is Your Restaurant Losing Because You Don’t Take Reservations Outside of Business Hours? A Courteous Communications offers 24 hour reservation and virtual hostess help for your restaurant. 

Why every restaurant needs a reservation answering service

Is your restaurant facing some, or all of these problems?

If your restaurant line is only being answered during business hours, the answer to the question above is that you are most likely losing a ton of business. I know personally that when I am calling around to book an event for my family, if the restaurant does not answer, I am going to continue down my list of prospects. Have you ever called a busy restaurant and tried to make reservations or ask questions about booking a party, and it is so loud in the background that you cannot hear at all? There is a solution.

A Courteous Communications will manage your reservations line.

There are many benefits to having a personal customer service and reservations line for your restaurant. By having your reservation lines managed by our live receptionist service, we can provide 24 hour assistance for your patrons. This allows your customers to call anytime of the day or night to make reservations or to ask questions about your restaurant.

How does a customer service & reservations line work?

Think of A Courteous Communications as an extension of your restaurant’s hostess stand. A Courteous Communication will answer all your customers FAQ’s, as well as manage your reservations book. If a customer calls to make a large party reservation, or is just calling to ask for hours of operation, we are able to fulfill their request 100%.

We will take the confusion out of your reservations book. I have had the honor of trying to read the cryptic code of what is known as a reservations book. We know the dilemmas that servers in the restaurant industry are faced with. Having more than one person scribbling party sizes and times into the reservations book gets confusing and can lead to mis-communication between your front of the house and back of the house staff.

What if I told you that a clear copy of your upcoming reservations for the evening could be delivered to your restaurant via email, text or with a personal phone call? Just let us know your preferred method and time for your reservations book to be delivered. Imagine walking into your restaurant on a Friday morning and having your reservation book completed and ready to go for your entire busy weekend. With the reservations book complete, your hostesses can now greet and seat your customers without trying to listen for the reservations line ringing in the background.

At A Courteous Communications customer service comes first. Your restaurants customer service and reservations line is answered by a live agent that is ready to answer your customer’s questions. When setting up your personalized account with A Courteous, you have the option to add an information field about your restaurant. This information field allows the virtual receptionist to access information for your customers 24 hours a day. Your customers will love the level of customer service they are receiving by having their questions answered and the ability to set their reservations immediately when they call. Customer service at its finest, one call and all of their inquiries are answered and they have set their reservations.

Everyone likes to dine out.

Here is the bottom line. Everyone likes to dine out and have a great experience when doing so. With A Courteous Communications handling your customer service and reservations line, you know you have hired the best answering service possible for your diners. We give your customers the best service to make their night-out at your establishment unforgettable. We will find out if the reservation is for a birthday of anniversary. Your customers will be blown away when that birthday cake arrives at their table. Anniversary dinners are made special by having a rose at the table when the couple arrives. This high level of service by your team will have your customers coming back for years to come.

Give Our Reservation Answering Service a Call Today

Give A Courteous Communications a call today for your free consultation. and allow our reservation and virtual hostess experts to walk you through increasing your restaurant’s profits by this weekend. The ability to book reservations does not need to stop when the restaurant closes, let us book your reservations and provide A+ customer service 24 hours a day.

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