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Providing an After-Hours Dispatch Call Center for Plumbers 24 Hours a Day

As an answering service for plumbers, our virtual receptionists for service professionals know what it takes to keep things running smoothly. While the experts in plumbing are out in the field attending to plumbing emergencies, our staff is running all the elements of a full office staff behind the scenes. Read more about our after-hours dispatch call center custom services. 

24 Hour Emergency Call Center

A Courteous Communications is a full service 24 hour emergency service call center. We know that our pluming professionals need to be ready when plumbing emergencies arise. Each 24 hour virtual receptionist is fully trained in what information emergency service companies need to meet the demands of a 24 hour on-call plumbing service.

From the moment the call comes into our award winning call center, we assist plumbing companies in fulfilling their guarantee of friendly, fast and quality service.

Caller Information

When an emergency call comes in, the first step in the fast paced process is retrieving all the necessary information from the caller. Our agents are trained to use call control in frantic situations. Call control allows our agents to move proficiently through a message form. This message form is set up personally by each one of our plumbing companies. Each field of information is repeated to the caller after we receive it to ensure mistake free messages. When a caller is upset about a plumbing issue in their home or business, a calm and confident voice is exactly what they need to hear.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions for Plumbers

Many callers have questions about the emergency service offered by the service company they are calling. Our plumbing professionals set up a personalized database of FAQ’s for the callers. This is helpful for many reasons.

The availability to give callers detailed company information as their emergency call is being dispatched helps reassure them. Plumbing companies offer various services, while one company may offer septic services but not main line work, another company may offer both.

By offering a FAQ service to your calling leads, we can help the plumbing company and caller decide if it is a good match for their specific emergency service needed. Many of our helpful plumbing companies offer information to their callers on how they can stop drains from overflowing until they can get there. Our virtual receptionists in Orlando can also assist your callers with pre-approved ways to avoid plumbing emergencies. The sky is the limit when it comes to providing your callers with the best customer service possible and you can rest easy that our after-hours dispatch call center is on the job.

Appointment Setting

While busy service professionals are taking care of emergencies, we are the live and friendly voice new clients want to hear when calling for new service. We offer appointment setting services 24 hours a day. Our 24 Hour Call Center can also manage all aspects of our clients’ appointment books.

The chance of a new client leaving a message if greeted by a voicemail is less than 50%. With a live agent answering the lines 24 hours a day, the appointment book will fill up quickly. Traveling to an appointment can be time consuming, but traveling to an appointment with nobody home is downright frustrating. Courteous Communications will confirm those appointments for you. Once we have your appointment booked scheduled and confirmed, just let us know how you would like it delivered. We will text, email or fax it to you at your requested time of the day. This three step appointment process makes for a full service appointment desk at the palm of your hand.

  • 1. Appointment Setting
  • 2. Appointment Confirmation
  • 3. Appointment book and confirmation delivery

24 Hour Service Dispatch Operators

Once a request for emergency service is complete, our 24 hour service dispatch operators start the personalized dispatch protocol.

  • •The message goes to the on-call service professional by their preferred method.
  • •Once the call has gone out, a follow up call is made to confirm that a return call has been made. This recall service helps emergency service crews stay on top of their calls during the busiest of times. Changes to on-call directions are made frequently. Each time a change is made to one of our emergency service accounts, an email is sent to our emergency dispatchers to review.
  • •Once the changes have been reviewed, a confirmation is then sent to the shift supervisor. The best part of every emergency service call is hearing the caller say, “I have received a call back, and they are on their way.”

We want to give all professional emergency services the assistance they need. By outsourcing after hour’s customer service to A Courteous Communications, your line will always be answered by the live, friendly and professional voice your new clients are looking for. We are confident that our after-hours answer and dispatch call center for Plumbers will help your business grow overnight. 

Give our account specialist a call today for a free consultation on what after-hours dispatch call center services we can offer you and your growing company. 

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