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Property Managers Need Our Answering Service for Small Business Telephone Support

The Best Property Manager Answering Service

So many condominium and apartment complex property managers are not given the credit they deserve. Being the go to guy for everything from an air conditioner not working to a renter being locked out make for very hectic days. Property managers put out hundreds of small fires to keep their tenants happy on a regular basis and property managers need our answering service for small businesstelephone support to help field all of those incoming calls, emergencies and requests.

Property managers love A Courteous Communications

Our property managers love our live receptionist service team. If you were the go to guy for every single problem large or small, wouldn’t you want some help? Help is exactly what we are able to offer to these very busy professionals. Our 24 hour virtual receptionists become an extension of help that they so greatly need and appreciate. This in turn makes our property managers look like super heroes as they have the answers and are able to fix every situation that heads their way.

As the best answering service, we can do it all.

It sometimes shocks our new property management companies when we start revealing the services that A Courteous Communications can offer them. Our team of 24 hour virtual receptionists is trained in many of the same areas of the actual property management team. OK, so let me sum this up a little better. Property managers are human, not robots, this means they need to sleep and eat. Unfortunately, being responsible for almost everything in the complex does not leave much time for either. Who else can help with the all of the countless emergencies that tenants have at any given time? The answer to that is, A Courteous Communications. Trained virtual receptionist for service professionals available to you and your tenants 24 hours a day. Our 24 hour emergency service call dispatches are ready when any problem arises.

Trained professionals at your service, 24 hours a day. 

The list of responsibilities for a property manager seems to be never ending. Tenants that have lost their keys and now need access to their unit, guess who needs to come up with a way to get them in, that’s right, the PM. The air-conditioning unit has stopped cooling, guess who is going to be asked to get that fixed, that’s right, the PM. The community club house has been rented out for a large wedding reception, the refrigerator in the bar area stops cooling, undoubtedly the PM is going to be receiving a call in this matter as well. As your live receptionist service, we can keep this next part our little secret.

Our property managers have our help. They set up their account with a list of all of their emergency service companies. So when Wilma calls from unit #123 and needs her kitchen sink unclogged, we have the PM’s plumbing company information. Actually, we have all of the emergency service numbers that are commonly needed for tenants on most of our property management accounts. When our extremely busy PMs need their super hero sleep, and super heroes do sleep, we are 100% at their tenant’s service.

A full extension of your office and your callers never even know we’re off-site. 

Many of our inquiring property management companies are happy to find out that our virtual receptionists can act as a full extension of their offices. Once we let them know exactly how we can help them, the call switches from an inquiry call to new client call. PMs are responsible for scheduling; dispatching and confirming service calls of all sorts. These calls are to be handled in the most professional and expedited manner. We are the best answering service available to you because we train our agents never to act as just a messaging or call center. We are a complete extension of your office.

Our live receptionist service unit for property management professionals are highly trained in these exact same fields. We are the friendly and professional agents that tenants speak to when calling in to report their emergency. Once we have a tenant’s message and emergency service call request, the call is dispatched by our emergency dispatch team. This team is trained specifically in the area of emergency service call. This means, dispatching the call and confirming that the tenant has been contacted by the service technician. When tenants are receiving emergency service in the middle of the night, our PMs are able to power up and get much needed rest. Our property management companies know that their tenants are receiving professional and expedited help with ultimate customer service.

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Are you playing super hero all alone? We can help! Give A Courteous Communications a call today for a free consultation, even a super hero needs help every now and then. Allow our answering service for small business experience help you serve your properties today!

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