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Professional Phone Answering Services for HVAC Service Professionals

The month of August is one of the hottest months of the year. HVAC companies are working hard at keeping everyone cooled down. A Courteous Communications is a phone answering services for HVAC service professionals. We are working hard behind the scenes collecting emergency information and data for service calls that need to be handled as quickly as possible.

Working hard to be the best phone answering service for HVAC professionals

Retrieving Caller Information

We understand it is top priority when our HVAC companies have a service call to get there as quickly as possible. It is very hot outside and our servicemen want to make sure they get everyone cooled off. The most important element of taking a call for the air-conditioning industry is getting all of the caller’s information; starting with their correct name, telephone number and address. We also know that not all HVAC service calls are the same. Condominiums and apartments are serviced as well as hospitals and residence. By asking the caller for the location of the structure needing to be serviced, we can determine which information fields the service technicians will need answered to complete the job. If an emergency technician knows it is a condominium or apartment complex for example, they know that it is important to bring a ladder. Little details such as this one can improve your HVAC services and keep your customers happy, returning clients.  

Insulin and oxygen priority calls

We understand that not all after-hours air conditioning calls are complaints about being hot. Many calls that come into our answering service for HVAC companies are medical patients. Our emergency dispatch center takes calls for patients that have oxygen tanks. If their air-conditioning has gone out, their oxygen tank can reach a dangerous temperature that can lead to explosion. These calls become an emergency stat call. Another medical emergency service call would be a refrigerator that has gone out for an insulin patient. Most liquid insulin needs to be refrigerated, if the insulin reaches a high temperature, the medication becomes none active. These calls also go out on high alert with our answering service team. 

Following after-hours service call protocol

Once we have all of the caller’s information, the next step is to dispatch the emergency service technician. These calls can be at all times of the day or night. Each HVAC office is different depending on their regular business hours. At A Courteous Communications, we are a 24 hour phone service dispatch center. While many of our calls will get dispatched immediately, many companies have a specific protocol that they would like their caller to meet before the overnight servicemen are contacted. This can include agreeing to an amount for the after-hours service, what area of town they are in, and exactly what the problem is.

24 hour service dispatch operators

Once our 24 hour service dispatcher has received all the specified information needed for the emergency service call, a message is sent to the after-hours technician. The technician is alerted of the caller’s information either by text, email or phone. We always want to confirm that the caller has received a call back from the on-call technician. Recall services are also on our list of specialties here at A Courteous Answering Service. In many cases, emergency after-hour service professionals have a recall set up on their account.

Recall customization happens when one of our dispatch operators contacts the caller and confirms that they have received a call back from the emergency service technician. These recall times are specified from the company, normally in 5 to 15 minute increments. If the caller has not received a call back from the service technician, we will then dispatch the message until a return call has been made. It is always great hearing a caller say, “the tech has called me, and he is on his way.” Our dispatch virtual receptionists do not stop making contact until they receive that confirmation from the customer.

We have the same goals as our HVAC companies

 Our virtual receptionists for service professionals are very similar to our HVAC companies. Both of our goals are to provide fast, friendly, honest and affordable services to our customers. By having the same goals for our customers, it makes it easy to provide the final outcome: happy, satisfied and return clientele.

We all know that the best advertising is word of mouth. A happy customer will always tell friends and family that they have received great service. When our HVAC companies are proud of our services at A Courteous Communications, they spread the word that outsourcing after-hour emergency service calls is the way to go. We hope you will allow our award winning phone answering services for HVAC service professionals keep your HVAC company cool. 

Give our Phone Answering Service for HVAC professionals a ring

A Courteous Communications would love the opportunity to help your HVAC company with your busy after-hours service call needs. Call us today for your free consultation and discover how we can assist you with our award winning phone answering services for HVAC professionals.

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