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Sensitivity and Compassion While Providing Home Care and Hospice Telephone Support

Our award winning telephone answering service provides 24 hour telephone support for hospice hotlines and other urgent home care facilities. We are standing by, day and night, awaiting the chance to assist your medical centers with the crucial role of providing an answering service that helps your patients in their time of need.

When dealing with a subject as sensitive as hospice and home care patients you need an answering service you can trust. Our hospice answering service team is trained to handle each call with compassion and empathy.

Product Telephone Support | Answering Service for Small Business Tips

If you have a tangible product that you are currently selling to consumers or directly to other businesses, our live receptionist service can help you with product telephone support. No matter if you need help answering customer questions or providing a secure telephone credit card processing option, our telephone agents can come to your rescue with our award winning services. In this particular article, we will feature different ways we can help with your product support and customer care using answering service for small business techniques to handle all marketing calls to action.

How Does an Appointment Scheduling Service Work?

We get questions from small and large companies that want to know a little more information and often ask, “How does an appointment scheduling service work?” We have articles on our blog that explain how outsourcing your calls can help turn leads into scheduled appointments. In this article, we dive a little deeper into the scheduling process and you learn how your business can benefit from an appointment scheduling service.

6 Tips for Answering A Business Phone

Courteous Answering Service has been answering business lines for nearly thirty years and we would like to help you understand the importance of business phone etiquette. Here we list our top 6 tips for answering a business phone to better help make a great impression for your brand and company.  

3 New Year’s Resolutions Your Small Business Must Look Into | Tips From the Best Answering Service

With the beginning of every New Year, we all have personal New Year’s resolutions to commit to and try our hardest to fulfill in the months to come. However, if you are a small business owner, do you take the time to set aside resolutions and goals for your business as well? We want to help you make this year the most successful and profitable your business has seen yet by providing you tips from the best answering service, A Courteous Communications. We now take you through 3 New Year’s Resolutions Your Small Business Must Look Into. 

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