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Physician and Doctor Offices Trust Our 24 Hour Medical Call Center

Outsourcing medical calls to A Courteous Communications is the way to remain worry free about your after-hours medical calls. Our clients customize their after-hours medical accounts to fit their needs. Read on to discover our 24 Hour Medical Call Center capabilities. 

What our 24 hour medical call center can do for you

Is my office line answered the way I want it to be?

It all starts with each client customizing how their lines will be answered. One of the first steps in setting up a new account is perfecting the client’s answer phrase. This answer phrase is programmed exactly how our clients have it listed on their account set-up form.

What questions will be my callers be asked?

Our clients tell us what questions to ask their callers. A standard message form request the caller’s name and what telephone number that they would like to receive a call back on. The majority of our clients also want to know what the call is regarding. Each client’s message form varies on what additional information fields they would like to add. No limits, you tell our 24 hour medical call centerwhat information you want from your callers.

I only want to receive calls on medical emergencies after-hours.

At A Courteous we know that what a patient considers an after-hours emergency and what a doctor considers an after-hours emergency can be different. Each after-hours emergency call must meet the doctor’s customized criteria before dispatching. If a call comes in that does not meet this criteria, a message will be taken and held for office hours. Our hard working doctors can depend on us to manage their after-hours calls. An on-call emergency physician works 80 hours plus a week.  If it is not an emergency, we are not waking the doctor.

How do I know that I will receive my after-hour emergency calls?

The emergency dispatch call center has an elite staff trained in dispatching medical emergencies. These medical virtual receptionist are fine-tuned and trained to dispatch all medical calls. Many times at the end of the business day a physician’s office will relay to us which doctor will be on-call for medical emergencies that evening. We know on-call doctors often get pulled into emergency surgeries or consults from the hospital. This can mean that a change needs to be made to the on-call information. Our 24 hour in-house programmer is ready to make these changes at the drop of a hat. When changes are made to any medical on-call schedule, our entire emergency dispatch call center is emailed immediately with these changes. Each agent is then required to confirm they have reviewed the changes by signing the email and returning it to their supervisor.

Taking that extra step with your telephone calls.

Our emergency dispatch call center supervisor runs a board check every hour. A board check is a list of every medical account that has had an emergency call dispatched. The supervisor personally goes through each account on this list to confirm the call has been delivered and cleared out by the on-call doctor.

Can you confirm all of my callers have received a call back?

Many of our medical clients ask to have their callers confirm that they have received a call back. Once the call is dispatched to the on-call physician, our medical virtual receptionist puts a recall on the account. This recall places the account in the queue, the account will then come back up for the agent to place a confirmation call. Once the caller has confirmed that they have received a call back from the doctor, the account is cleared from the queue. If the caller advises the agent that they have not received a call back, dispatch protocol is then repeated until a return call confirmation is made. These steps happen in the quickest of turnaround times ensuring time sensitive calls are handled immediately.

I need a record of my emergency calls.

We can send you a record of all of your messages on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis. Clients love our message delivery service. Our messaging services allow our clients to have messages emailed, faxed or texted to them at their specified time of the day. By having a copy of all the messages that come in, they now have a record of all the names and numbers of their callers as well.

30 years of 24 Hour Medical Call Center Services

In our 24 hour medical call center we work hard to make sure that our clients are worry free about their after-hours calls. Give us a call today with any questions you may have on the services we offer.

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