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Patient Services a Doctor Answering Service Brings to a Medical Facility

Patient Services a Doctor Answering Service Brings to a Medical Facility

If you work or have worked in the medical industry, you know how hectic telecommunications can be. Here at A Courteous Communications, we facilitate and handle millions of medical call transactions each year. Whether we are answering for hospitals, medical sole-practitioners, care centers or other medical facilities, we bring a unique and beneficial set of skills to the table.

If you are on the hunt for a quality doctor answering service, be on the lookout for these patient services offered.  

What to look for in a Doctor Answering Service

• 24-Hour Medical Answering Service

First and foremost, your priority as a medical facility is outsourcing your patient calls to an answering service that offers 24-hour phone coverage. One of the main benefits of hiring a medical virtual receptionist is to be able to offer your patients constant access to your medical practice.

No matter the time of day; no matter the nature of the emergency, all medical answering services need to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.     

• Access to On-Call Medical Professionals

Do you have an on-call physician in your small practice? Maybe you have a nurse’s station available in your hospital for on-going patient communication. We connect your patients to the proper on-call staff member or department to streamline your communications.

When you offer a 24-hour medical hotline for your patients, you are showing them why you are the best in your industry.   

• Secure and Confidential Message Taking

Being in the medical industry requires absolute confidentiality and highly secure forms of communication. A doctor answering service is seen as any third-party vendor that medical facilities do business with. As such, you need to find an after-hours service that knows what the legal requirements are to handle your medical calls and messages.

A quality medical answering service will have special message taking and delivery policies to ensure all patient messages are safe and secure.

• Answering Patient FAQ’s

One of the main benefits of outsourcing your incoming medical calls is to take advantage of being able to assist calling patients without alienating visiting patients. All of our medical professional customers have the ability to customize their accounts with us. You tell us how to handle specific medical inquiries and provide the answers to your facility’s top frequently asked questions.

Your in-house medical support team will be able to focus more on face-to-face patient services when they aren’t interrupted by a ringing telephone.  

• Confirming and Scheduling Patient Appointments

Virtual medical schedulers are able to increase patient satisfaction and decrease revenue eating occurrences like appointment no-shows. How are we able to do so much when we are off-site? That’s a great question we would love to answer.

  • • Live Confirmation Calls for Appointments

How many no-shows does your medical practice receive each week? Many doctors and hospitals have selected an auto call, robot operator to remind patients of their appointments. With rates as low as $19.95 per month, it makes cents for your medical facility to offer a more personalized solution to confirming patient appointments. Also, a live medical receptionist would be able to reschedule an appointment in place of canceling.   

  • • Ability to Schedule Appointments 24/7

Pointblank, make scheduling appointments with your physicians easy and convenient and you will never run out of satisfied patients to help. Check out a video we recently produced that shows you how convenient a virtual medical scheduler can be for your current and potential patients.

• Emergency Dispatch Unit for Medical Facilities

Emergency dispatch can equate to life and death situations and requires a skilled telephone agent that effectively follows procedures. A qualified medical answering service will have specific in-house training to prepare their agents in using empathy and caller control. Make sure you ask any doctor answering serviceyou are interviewing what the training is for their medical dispatch unit.    

A bonus service that A Courteous Communications provides to medical professionals is the intense training program we put our virtual receptionists through. We strive in educating all of our telephone agents how to spell and pronounce medical terms and common physician names. We find that this attention to detail saves time and allows our team to act as an extension of your in-house team.  

Our Doctor Answering Service is here for you

A Courteous Communications has a special medical unit within our digital call center. For over 30 years, we have been answering the calls for doctors, hospitals and medical long/short term facilities. We offer award winning patient services and are able to use the right amount of empathy, sympathy, courtesy and professionalism to make sure your patients are well taken care of.

Give us a call today at 1-800-785-6161 and speak with our medical account specialist to learn more about the customizations we offer as a doctor answering service

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