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Our Virtual Telephone Support Team Brings You 10 Ideas for National Boss’s Day

Our Virtual Telephone Support Team Brings You 10 Ideas for National Boss’s Day

October 16th is National Boss’s Day and it is a special day selected to show appreciation for your boss or supervisor. Being a great boss or manager, often times, is overlooked. So we urge you to participate in showing your appreciation and gratitude for the great leaders in your life. Since our virtual telephone support team acts an extension of all our clients’ offices, we want to share unique gifts for your supervisors that will also affect the overall morale of the office.

10 ideas for National Boss’s Day

1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Sweets

If your boss has a sweet tooth, think about having a special cake made for boss’s day. Not only will your boss love the custom cake made especially for him/her, your coworkers will love the cake break and this gift will get you sweet tooth smiles all around.
Take it a step further and cruise pins like this one on Pinterest that have fun and creative cake shapes.
2. Coffee Mug Warmer

This $10 coffee cup mug warmer will keep your boss’s coffee nice and warm every day. This gift could also be beneficial to you if it’s your job to refill that supervisor’s coffee.  Make fewer trips back and forth by keeping their cup nice and warm longer. 
3. 365 Leadership Quotes
desk calendar filled with 365 leader quotes will inspire your boss each and every day out of the year. This $14 one-time investment might inspire greatness out of your boss and their appreciation to you for purchasing it.
4. Give the Gift of Meditation
Give your boss a beginner’s guide to meditation c.d. or a certificate to a meditation music app. When your boss or supervisor is clear headed and calm, your office will thank you for this thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.  
5. Executive Desk Toys
Amazon’s 25 Executive Desk Games featured here contains some of the greatest desk games to give your boss this Boss’s Day! While your boss is enjoying their very own mini-sized golf sandbox, basketball hoop, skee ball lane or pool table; your office and coworkers may get some extra time to finish that project or make a deadline.
6. Massage Gift Certificate
There are large massage therapy chains across the nation that offer monthly or even weekly massage packages. Gather your co-workers’ wallets and collect contributions to send your boss out of the office once a month for a nice relaxing massage. When your boss returns, their stress and frustrations will have been carefully worked out; leaving a smiling and refreshed boss for your office.
7. Lottery Tickets from the Office
Let’s face it, a lottery ticket can cost a $1 and pay out millions! Have all of your co-workers buy your lucky boss a chance to make it big. If your boss wins a substantial amount of money, maybe they will spend it on something fun for the office or on a group building activity.
Either way, the free chance to gamble will put a smile on your supervisor’s face.
8. A Book of Jokes
Could you imagine your boss or supervisor visiting your office’s water cooler every morning with a new joke to make everyone smile? Giving the gift of humor will help you build a nice rapport with your boss and even get you chuckling throughout the week.
If your boss has a kindle, check out this Ultimate Book of Jokes: The Essential Collection of More Than 1,500 Jokes
9. A Blender for the Office
That’s right, go ahead and purchase a nice blender and set it up in the office kitchen area. When your boss comes in for boss’s day, guide them to the kitchen and whip them up a nice breakfast smoothie or tasty beverage.  Another co-worker might chip in for a recipe book or a fun bartender apron.
Stock the fridge with healthy fruits or maybe splurge on some tequila to start a fun Friday margarita tradition in the office.
10. Pots, Seeds and Dirt
If there is a small unused area in your boss’s office, go ahead and set up a mini garden. Gardening is an excellent stress reliever and having the plants in his/her office will lift their spirits on a daily basis.
There is a trend building these days of miniature gardening. Start their mini garden and give them all the tools they need to bring it to life.

We Hope these Ideas for National Boss’s Day Help

From our virtual telephone support team to your in-house team, we hope these unique gifts satisfy and appease your bosses; improving the overall morale of your office at the same time. 

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