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Our Virtual Receptionists Can Pre-Screen Your Leads with Qualifying Questions

One of A Courteous Communications’ clients recently upgraded their live receptionist service account to include a clever marketing campaign. As usual, our team of experts and highly trained virtual receptionists came to our client’s rescue and showed them why they have been a happy client for years.

The Financial Advisor’s Virtual Receptionists

We have been conducting the administrative and receptionist duties for a highly respected financial advisor with his local financial consulting business. Since our clients receive 100% discreet confidentiality, let’s call him Mr. John Smith.  

In the past, Mr. Smith has allowed us to answer all of his calls; acting as an in-house receptionist by transferring and dispatching important calls and messages 24 hours a day to his cell phone. John prefers that all of his calls be transferred to him, no matter the time of day, unless he has called into his virtual receptionist and advised us of a do not disturb meeting. During those times, we politely ask for his caller’s contact information for a swift return call from Mr. Smith himself.

John calls us the best answering service out there because there is never a job too big or too small for our live receptionist service team to assist with. He is on a first name basis with his entire virtual receptionist team and we even give him wake-up calls every day.

The Financial Advisor’s Common Problem

John’s ideal client has certain characteristics that lend to hiring a financial advisor. The most important qualification is the amount of money his leads have to invest. Since John gives free initial consultations, he has learned through trial and error that not every lead he speaks with can afford his services. John was assisting many leads through his complimentary consultations, but he was losing a lot of money due to poor time management and the inability to turn that lead into a client.

Mr. Smith started to seek out various marketing efforts that would help him in securing more qualified leads. John was interested in quality versus quantity when it came to his leads.  

Direct Mail Campaigns Still Work

John started a direct mail campaign that sent out invitations for a free dinner and investment consultation at popular and expensive restaurants in the neighborhood. He sent out his unique invitations to certain zip codes that his research showed his target market to be living in.

The point of the marketing campaign was to reach out to his specific ideal target market and attempt to get his foot in their door by offering a free dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Custom Business Answering Services

John shared his latest marketing efforts with us a week before he sent out his direct mail invitations. During a casual Skype with two of our lead virtual receptionists and our in-house programmer, John described his campaign goals. And like the best answering service, we took all he said into consideration and even suggested certain features to help the entire process go more smoothly.

His number one concern was repeating his past mistakes of not pre-qualifying the leads that called in and spending, on average, over $100 for an impossible client conversion. Our live receptionist team was there for him every step of the way with no additional consulting charges. We have a motto here at A Courteous, “Our success depends on your success.” So we brought out heads together to create solutions to expected problems.

Pre-Qualifying Direct Marketing Leads

Being dubbed the best answering service, we really had to shine for our valued client. We suggested that John come up with three questions that his calling leads would have to answer “yes” to before scheduling the dinner reservation. The main qualifying question that sealed the deal was asking the caller if he or she had at least $50,000 to put towards a smart investment. John was overjoyed by our initiative and became confident with his new marketing campaign immediately.

Our answering service has an in-house programmer that is able to fully customize any of our client’s accounts according to their exact specifications. We also have an in-house agent trainer that is dedicated fully to acting as a lead on our business accounts and training all of our virtual receptionists to answer our clients’ lines with custom information.

The Telephone Lines Started to Ring Day and Night

Mr. Smith’s business lines rang day and night for the next few weeks and our team was there every step of the way. After asking the three qualifying questions of each lead calling in we began to fill John’s dinner appointments for three months in advance; every night, a different potential client waiting to be wined and dined by the now popular financial advisor.

We also set up reminders each day to call his dinner guests to confirm the time of their dinner date and provide directions to the restaurant for easy reference. If a lead had to cancel a dinner reservation last minute, we were instructed to try and reschedule the lead for a more convenient date.

A Happy Financial Advisor with help from our Virtual Receptionists

John is already starting to map out a duplicate campaign in the near future since he has more than doubled his client base with our assistance.

Find out how we can step in and take similar initiatives on your business’s next marketing campaign. Click here for a free initial consultation with an account expert to discuss how creative our virtual receptionists can be in marketing your business!

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