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Our Virtual Office Receptionists Bring You 8 Work Appropriate Halloween Costume Ideas

Our Virtual Office Receptionists Bring You 8 Work Appropriate Halloween Costume Ideas

Each year at A Courteous Communications, our virtual office receptionists get into the spirit of Halloween and dress up in honor of this fun holiday. In the past, we have had our staff dress up as witches, cow girls and even had Buzz Lightyear make an appearance. This article is focused on helping you pick a killer work appropriate Halloween costume for 2015.  

Costume Ideas from Our Virtual Office Receptionist Team 

1. Where’s Waldo Spotted at Work

What a great and fun way to bring back everyone’s childhood memories of flipping through the book’s pages looking for Waldo.

What You Need: 

  1. Red and White Striped Beanie Hat
  2. Red and White Striped Long Sleeve Shirt
  3. Black Thick Eye Glasses
  4. Blue Pants or Jeans
  5. Black Shoes

2. Last Minute Holiday Traveler 

Around the watercooler all your colleagues start talking about the Halloween costumes they have prepared for work tomorrow. You realize you completely forgot but don’t want to be the only one at the office not dressing up. Everyone has some bright colors or Hawaiian shirts stuffed in their closets. Go to town and be a world traveler.

 What You Need:

  1. A Bright Colored or Hawaiian Styled Shirt
  2. Some Khaki or Denim Shorts (make sure they’re not too short)
  3. Vacation Accessories (leis, straw hats, sunglasses, white sunscreen nose, camera, fanny pack, luggage, world or state map, drink with an umbrella in it, etc.)
  4. Flip Flops

3. Creative Yet Easy Human Bulletin Board

For those office workers that really just want to throw something together very quickly but still have a punch of humor; we suggest being a human bulletin board.

  1. Wear One Color From Head to Toe (preferably black)
  2. Cover Your Body, Arms, Legs and Face with Post-It Notes

Make It Fun: Walk around with a stack of empty post-it notes so your co-workers can leave messages on your human bulletin board unique costume. 

4. Rosie the Riveter Iconic Costume

For all you independent, hard working women let’s go back in time and give you the iconic Rosie the Riveter makeover. Get ready for the office to start showing you their biceps because this fun office Halloween costume will get you immediate recognition.

What You Need: 

  1. Red and White Polka Dot Bandana
  2. Dark Blue Denim Shirt (roll up those sleeves)
  3. Dark Blue Jeans (you can get away with black ones too)
  4. Red Socks
  5. Black Combat or Work Boots
  6. Add a Silver Lunchbox for Authenticity

5. Superman Clark Kent Style

So some men might want to appear at the office in a full man of steel costume; complete with a bright red cape flowing behind them. Since the office may not be the most ideal place for your one piece skintight suit, how about going as Clark Kent. 

What You Need:

  1. Two Piece Dark Suit (a blazer and jeans will do for a more casual look)
  2. White or Light Colored Button Down Dress Shirt
  3. Snazzy Tie (leave the tie loose on your neck)
  4. The Superman Logo Shirt
  5. Black Framed Eye Glasses
  6. A Slick Hairstyle

Clark Kent Costume Tip: Be sure to leave your dress shirt tucked in but unbuttoned so that your superman logo can be seen all day.

6. Can’t Go Wrong With Being a Witch

The Witch costume is one of the most popular costumes of all times. Chances are you may have the accessories in your closet already from a past Halloween costume.  We aren’t going for the sexy witch so stick to the evil witch or the good witch ensemble ideas, but make it your own.

What You Need:

  1. Witch Hat and Witch Broom
  2. Black Long Dress or Cloak
  3. Accessory Ideas (green makeup for your face, a nasty witch wart, black wig with white streak, mini cauldron, black and white striped stockings, a poisoned apple, magical wand or stick, etc.)

7. Bring Extreme Style With Holly Golightly

One of the most fun and celebrated costumes for ladies is bringing back Breakfast at Tiffany’s and dressing up as the stylish Holly Golightly. With a few key pieces, you can be sashaying around the office in a tasteful, but fun ensemble.

What You Need:

  1. Your Favorite LBD – Little Black Dress (make sure it has sleeves and is not too short)
  2. Multiple Strands of Pearls and Pearl Earrings
  3. A Diamond Tiara or Hair Pin
  4. Long Black Gloves
  5. A Black Cigarette Holder (you can fake it by cutting up a black plastic hanger)
  6. A Croissant

8. Every Little Boy Wanted to Be a Cowboy. Here’s Your Chance!

For a simple office cowboy Halloween costume, you only need a few items that are probably in your closet right now.

What You Need:

  1. Cowboy Hat
  2. Red or Blue Bandana
  3. Plaid Button Down Flannel Shirt
  4. Worn Blue Jeans
  5. Cowboy Boots
  6. Accessory Ideas (rope, toy gun, horse stick, sheriff badge, gun holster, chaps)

Vote For Our Virtual Office Receptionists Costume Contest !!

Every year we have a costume contest for our virtual office receptionists. Have some fun with our staff and click here to follow our Facebook Page so you can vote on which costume is your favorite! Happy Halloween!!

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