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Medical Professionals Customize How Their Phones Will Be Answered With Our Physician’s Answering Service

A telephone answer phrase is the first impression a caller receives, and as we all know, first impressions are lasting impressions. Our physicians customize the way their lines are answered to best describe their medical facility and inform their callers. Our Physician’s Answering Service understands that each medical office is unique and as such, how we answer each line varies on exact specifications provided by the doctors, physicians and medical facilities.

As a physician’s answering service we provide service for hundreds of doctors with dozens of different fields of practice. There are several different ways for our physicians to ensure that their callers are contacting the correct doctor and practice. With an estimated 834,769 physicians is the US, it is a good idea for them to narrow it down a little bit.

A Customizable Physician’s Answering Service

First and Last Name Please

One of the first ways our physicians like to customize how their calls will be answered is by using their first and last name in the answer phrase. Having both the first and last name of the doctor helps the caller confirm they have contacted the correct doctor’s office.

By customizing information in the greeting many questions are answered that the caller may have had before placing the initial call. Not only does it confirm they are contacting the correct doctor by using the first and last name in the greeting, but adding the type of practice the doctor runs is also very helpful. Dr. John Smith Dentistry and Dr. John Smith OB/GYN are two very different practices. This is a great information field many of our doctors add to their answer phrase.

Pre-Recorded Greetings

Pre-recorded greetings are hugely popular within our 24 hour medical call center. A pre-recorded greeting is a customized recording that is based on helping callers receive information on the medical facility that they are calling. A pre-recorded greeting is also a great way to navigate a caller to the exact department that they are calling for.

Many of our medical based clients at A Courteous Communications start their pre-recorded greeting with a list of the physicians within the practice. Different options to the greeting are then added to guide the caller smoothly to the office information or department needed. Here is an example of how a pre-recorded greeting is set up, and a few options that can be added based on a specific client’s needs.

Good morning, afternoon or evening. You have reached the office of Dr. John Smith, Internal Medicine. If you have an emergency please hang-up and dial 911. If you have a medical emergency for the doctor on-call please press 0 now. For office address and business hours please press 1. If you would like to schedule, cancel or confirm an office appointment please press 2. If you would like to speak to the office directly please call back during regular business hours.

A great feature of a pre-recorded greeting is that before the caller even speaks to one of our medical virtual receptionists we have answered some of their questions.

When the caller has an emergency the call is immediately connected to our emergency dispatch center. A message is then dispatched to physician on-call. When choosing the appointment setting option, the caller is connected directly to one of our medical virtual receptionist that will schedule, cancel or confirm an office visit for the patient.

Doctors that only want to receive emergency calls after hours have an answer phrase that sounds like this:

Thank you for calling Dr. John Smith’s office, our office is now closed. If you have an emergency please hang up and dial 911. If you have an emergency for the doctor please press 1. If your call is not an emergency please call back during regular business hours. 

This lets the caller know right away that they have reached an emergency dispatch call center, and that appointment calls are not going to be taken after hours.

A physician’s appointment setting line will sound like this:

This is Dr. John Smith’s appointment setting line, what day would you like to schedule your office appointment?

This answer phrase lets the caller know they have reached an appointment line, and we are ready to help them with their appointment needs. Many of our medical facilities choose to have a separate telephone number for their appointment lines.

Our Physicians Answering Service Looks Forward to Hearing From You!

The options for customizing a greeting are endless. Send A Courteous Communications a message to request a quote. We can have your personalized answer phrase active and our physician’s answering service team helping your office today.

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