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Important Message from Your Summertime Business Answering Service

Important Message from Your Summertime Business Answering Service

If you’re a current customer of our Summertime Business Answering Service, or are looking for various tasks our team can perform on your behalf; this article is for you! Here is a list of 20 bits of information that you should contact us about. We want to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date customer assistance possible. And we need your help!


Reach out today to your account manager with any of the following changes, updates or revisions:

1.) Update your summertime business hours of operation. Give us a list of your employees’ vacation times and let us help you with internal and external communications.

2.) Changes in your staff and/or new team hires. Likewise, if a staff member has been promoted or assigned to another department, we can guide callers to the right person if you let us know about changes ahead of time.  

3.) Confirm your business contact information hasn’t changed. If you would like to rent a 1-800 number for the busy summer season, let us know. We can provide 1-800 customer hotlines or branded numbers for summer promotional activities.  

4.) If you have any changes to your organization’s policies and procedures. Give us a call if the summer season brings different schedules, logistic issues, delivery expectancies, etc.

5.) Changes to your website and/or informational content. Many of our clients like our virtual receptionists to help callers navigate through their websites. If you have any major changes to your website, let us know so we can train our team on the changes. The more detail you provide, the more we can assist you and your calling customers.  

6.) When you develop new features, products and/or services. Treat us like an in-house employee and keep us in the loop if you start offering new products. This allows us to answer any questions about your new products and help your customers in their consumer research.  

7.) Let us know if you made changes in your rates, prices or service fees. Keep us up-to-date with your consult fees, services charges and product discounts so that we can better help your calling customers.    

8.) When planning a summer vacation, tell us how you’d like your calls handled. If you want to completely unplug and be placed on a do not disturb list, we will email you your messages in real-time and let your callers know they can expect a callback when you get back into town. We can schedule telephone conferences on your calendar so you don’t have a stack of callbacks to act on when you return.  

9.) Give us the details of any summer promotions you’re running and we can help. In order to help you get the word of mouth out on your summer sales, let us know the details. We’ll pass along information to your callers when applicable to increase your response rates.  

10.) You can customize your virtual receptionist’s script for summer instructions. Take advantage of our state of the art technology and complete customization options. The more customized we make your caller script, the more we can act as an in-house employee on your behalf.  

11.) The date(s) of any in-house staff meetings on the books. When you have yoursummertime business answering service attending to the phones, your entire in-house team can participate in staff meetings. Don’t make your in-house receptionist miss the meeting. Forward all of your calls to us whenever you need the coverage and we’ll take care of the rest.  

12.) Confirm if you are still accepting new clients over the summer break. Some of our clients have an incredibly busy summer season and need us to start a waiting list for new customers. Let us know if you’d like us to do the same for your business. Allow us to fill out intake sheets for your potential customers and we’ll place them on a waiting list in your database.

13.) Make revisions to your customers’ FAQs to reflect summer information. If you’re a restaurant and have a summer menu, send it on over. If you’re a kid’s summer camp that has parents calling to ask frequently asked questions, give us the answers and allow your camp counselors to give their full attention to the campers.   

14.) While you have us on the phone, let us know of any skills or awards acquired. Our virtual receptionist team loves to brag about our clients to their customers. Let us know if you’ve received any special accolades recently and we can add it as a topic of discussion in your caller script.

15.) Let us know if you’d like us to start handling your website live chat database. Since we’re answering your telephone lines, we should also be delivering quality chat services. Give your account manager a call at 1-800-785-6161 to discuss how we can help.  

16.) If we handle your appointment book, let us know your summer availability. Some of our clients have to leave the office early because their children are off from school. Let us know of any scheduling changes so we can better handle your calendar.  

17.) If summertime is your busy season, call your account manager to make sure you’re on the best package possible. If you’re expecting a higher than normal volume of calls, there may be a better answering service package for you. Speak with your account manager so that you get the best deals for the type of calls you expect this summer.

18.) Confirm your summertime on-call and after-hour staffs contact information. Who will be handling your service and emergency calls over the summer break? Make sure we have first and second points of contact to discuss, dispatch or forward emergency calls and/or requests.  

19.) Let us know if your offices are closing for any summer holidays. Summer holidays observed in the United States: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day or any of the country’s varying school summer break schedules.  

20.) If you want to initiate an employee volunteer program and are in the Orlando area, give us a call. We work with some excellent charities and community organizations that are always in need of helping hands. We can put you in contact with our charity leaders to implement a new employee volunteer group.

Contact out Summertime Business Answering Service Today! 

Our Summertime Business Answering Service strives towards perfection. Giving us constant updates to your account allows us to serve you and your callers with the best possible service.

Make changes via telephone by calling 1-800-785-6161; via email by sending changes to our in-house programming specialist:; or via text message to your account manager. 

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