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How Your Service Company Can Benefit From Hiring a 24 Hour Call Center

When you think of an answering service, you think of an agent answering telephone lines and taking messages right? Here are several services A Courteous Communications offers that will have you thinking, “Wow, I didn’t know A Courteous could do that!” With services so detailed and professional, our 24 hour call center acts as a full extension for the offices of our service company clientele. Read more and never ask again, “How can my service company benefit from outsourcing my telephone calls?” 

How can a 24 hour call center help my business?

Telephone Answering Service

Who is answering your business phone line on weekends, during lunchtime, and after-hours? Many companies rely on voicemail to collect important information from clients and potential clients when they are not in the office. The problem with this is most people will not leave that information for you; they will hang up. A Courteous Communications offers live telephone answering service 24 hours a day. When clients call your line, they are greeted with your company name. Your callers will be much more likely to leave their contact information with a live virtual receptionist than a voicemail. More importantly, your business continues to work for you through the night, 24 hours a day.

FAQ’s- Virtual Receptionist Services

Now that your potential clients are on the line with a live agent, they will have questions about your services. Our virtual receptionist for service professionals will happily answer your callers’ questions. Each one of our clients have the opportunity to add a FAQ’s field when customizing their account. We love having the ability to help inform your callers about your service company. The more questions we are able to answer for them the greater chance your company has of turning that calling lead into a paying customer.

Many of our service companies offer emergency after-hours service. Adding service rates to FAQ’s is a great way to share your company information quickly for a caller with an emergency. Now that they have made one call, and reached a live person, but also, they now know the emergency service rate and can make a decision. When your after-hours service virtual receptionists are able to answer the questions your callers have right when they are seeking out your service, we help eliminate their need to call one of your competitors to shop around. They will receive all the information they need during their first call. This is 24 hour customer service that your callers will love and they will appreciate your ability to serve them 7 days a week.

Appointment Scheduling Services

Many service companies are owner operated. These busy owners are very often also a service technician in their field. We know that balancing office duties and field duties can be very challenging. A Courteous Communications likes to let the pro’s do what they do best.

While our HVAC companies, plumbers, pest control techs and electricians are busy on the job, we are managing their entire appointment book for them. Now that your potential client has been greeted by a live agent and has detailed company information from your FAQ’s, we are ready to schedule their appointment.

Our appointment setting services are tailored to fit your needs. We can set your appointments as well as reschedule appointments for clients if needed. Our appointment confirmation service is a feature that our service companies love and can’t get enough of. By confirming your upcoming appointments, your clients will be reminded of the date and time of their service call. Our 24 hour appointment setting call center can help your service company gain more organization with the administrative aspects of running an after-hours service company. A Courteous Communications’ virtual receptionists will take care of the customer service aspect of your business, allowing you more time to take care of customer satisfaction and industry services.

Emergency Dispatching Services

Our emergency dispatch center is comprised of an elite team of agents. This unit of virtual receptionists for service professionals go through detailed training on dispatching emergency service calls. Once an emergency service call comes in and the caller has agreed to your company’s emergency service fees, we will contact your on-call emergency service technician.

Each emergency service tech is different on how they like to receive their emergency service calls. We can relay calls by email, fax, phone call, or text (which is the most popular these days). Once the call has been dispatched out, we set a recall to confirm the caller has received a call back from the on-call tech.

Emergency service calls are continuously monitored until we have confirmation the caller been contacted. With an in-house accounts manager on staff 24 hours a day, we are able to make continuous and needed on-call changes. Changes to emergency service accounts and on-call information are sent by email to each emergency service dispatcher. This ensures that all information that has been changed is reviewed by your entire virtual receptionist team.

Seasonal Telephone Answering Services

Many service companies have peak times of the year. Outsourcing after hour’s customer service will help you manage your busy line during these times. Are your phones over-ringing? We will help you manage your office line any time you need us. You will customize your account and tell us when you need a hand. Busy signals are a thing of the past. Allow your virtual receptionists to take your over- flow calls when your in-house staff can’t get to the phone.

At A Courteous Communications, our virtual receptionists for service professionals are trained to handle every different kind of service call. Do you dream of a three day weekend here and there? Did you now that many successful people take three day weekends?

Our 24 hour call center can benefit any business!

Electricians, plumbers, pest control companies and HVAC service professionals rely on our services daily allowing our busy technicians to focus 100% on what they do best. When they are not saving the day by fixing the pesky sink leak or vacuuming out clogged AC ducts, we know service professionals like yourself, prefer to relax. No matter what you like to do on your free time, your business will continue to grow when you hire us to take care of your calling potential customers.  Our team of leaders in the customer service industry will do what we do best. Give us a call today for your free consultation with our award winning 24 hour call center team of professionals. 

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