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How We Schedule Your Patient Visits With Our Medical Office Appointment Setting Services

We have mastered the art of appointment setting. We will show you step by step how our medical office appointment setting services work.

Why appointment setting services will work for your patients

Many patients call their doctor’s office with their fingers crossed that they will get straight through. Busy telephone lines during opening, lunch and closing hours can be very frustrating. Patients are normally working on a tight schedule to get their doctor’s appointments made during breaks at work themselves. The average break time for a full time employee is only 5-20 minutes. This does not leave much time to make phone calls that need to be made during business hours.  Having our physician’s answering service schedule your office appointments for you can eliminate pesky repeat calling for your patients. We are a 24 hour medical call center. This means your patients can call and schedule their appointments when it fits their schedule needs.

One of our very busy doctor’s offices asked the manager of our 24 hour medical call center to monitor their line. The goal in monitoring their line was to help find a way to cut back on repeat patient calling. We found that many of their patients were calling 3 to 4 times just to schedule an appointment. At the time of monitoring, we did not handle their appointment setting and visit scheduling for them. It was very surprising to our client the number of repeat calls coming in for appointment setting. They set up their appointment setting account that very day. This service now allows for more time to focus on in-house patients and less aggravation for the patients that now only need to make one call to schedule their office visit.

A few of our popular appointment services include:

We have several offices that enjoy the option of having their own appointment telephone line. This number is given out to the patients to schedule their upcoming appointments at their leisure. This separate appointment line is also great if a patient needs to cancel an upcoming appointment. They have the ability to call 24 hours, 7 days a week to make appointment changes, review available dates and appointment times.

Many of our doctor’s offices like to have their office line available for appointment setting only on weekends and after regular office hours. When the office is closing for the day or the weekend, they simply send over a fax or email with their appointment availability. When a patient calls in to set up an appointment we are able to schedule them right away.

When patients have appointment questions, we can help.

Most patients have questions they need answered before scheduling their appointment. We can also help your patients by answering FAQs. Not only can we schedule your new patient appointments and answer FAQs, but we will also advise them on what they will need to bring to the office for their first appointment.

A few additional popular patient questions include:

  • •Are there both male and female physicians in this practice?
  • •Does the office offer weekend appointments?
  • •Does this practice see infant and children patients?
  • •Is the practice accepting new patients?
  • •What medical insurance does the office take?

All of our doctors have a different patient platform. Here at A Courteous Communications Answering Service we will set up your FAQs and information exactly to your needs and fully customized by your office staff. Patient appointment setting varies from office to office. We are able set up day to day, weekly, or monthly scheduling. Each appointment setting account is formed to fit the needs of your office, staff and patients.

Multiple doctors in one practice.

Our clients with multiple doctors in their practice love our appointment setting services.  Each doctor has the availability to fax or email our 24 hour medical call center their personal appointment books. This helps keep each doctor’s schedule separate and eliminates the chances of cross scheduling or double booking doctors. A Courteous Answering Service can help with your busy appointment line.

Appointment Confirmation Services

It does not stop at appointment setting. We also offer appointment confirmation services. By faxing or emailing us your upcoming appointments we will follow up with your patients and confirm they will be at your office at their scheduled day and time. If we receive a cancellation from a patient, we can then make that appointment time available to a future caller that would like to schedule. At the end of the day, week or month we will set up your account to receive a list of your set and confirmed appointments.

Find out more about our Appointment Setting Services by giving us a call today!

By utilizing our patient appointment setting services, your office staff can enjoy a little freed up time.  Email us today for more information on medical office appointment setting services. 

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