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How To Turn Your Internship Into A Permanent Job

How To Turn Your Internship Into A Permanent Job

An internship can be a great way for you to get necessary hands on experience in your career field of choice. Although many times the tasks you are required to do throughout an internship consist of coffee runs and lunch orders, there are a number of ways you can make yourself stand out and better your chance of transitioning from intern to employee.

Go From Internship To Full-Time With These Easy Steps:

First in, last out

It may be hard to want to put in the whole 110% of yourself into an internship, which probably pays nothing-, but the efforts do not go unnoticed. Treat your internship like a paying job, and one you respect, even if most times you feel completely undervalued and ignored. Even if you do not think coming in early and being the last one to leave gets you any attention, it will work to your advantage when it comes to asking for a position or a letter of reference.

Sometimes You Need To Take Initiative

Often times you are going to find yourself with nothing to do. A great way to show your bosses you are not just another intern is to step up and take initiative. Do the tasks you know need to be done or ask if there are any new assignments for you to work on.

Pay Attention To Instructions

No matter how small the task may seem, follow the instructions given to you completely. The better you follow instructions throughout your internship, the better you will be able to show what kind of employee you would be.

Go Above And Beyond Expectations

Go the extra mile in any assignment given to you. Take extra time organizing, researching and presenting any assignment you receive. Cutting corners in these assignments will only reflect negatively on your work ethic. You can easily show your boss you are passionate about your job and that you are deserving of a real position once the internship is done by exceeding expectations.

Take The Opportunity To Learn

Your internship is supposed to give you the necessary skills to move up in the world.  You want to show you have an interest in a job within the company and should be asking questions. You can ask to shadow other employees or ask to sit in on a team meeting. You will want to gain as much as you can from your internship, and by showing this kind of interest; you show how much you want to work there.

Use these tips to increase your chances of being hired full time! 

An internship is a great way to gain hands on experience in your desired field, but they can also lead to a full time position. Whether your internship is everything you dreamed of, or has you taking a lot of coffee orders, you will want to take the position seriously and with great dedication. Implement these tips into your work routine to better increase your chances of being hired for an actual position.

We hope this advice helps you land a permanent job!

We sincerely hope these tips help you turn your internship into a full time job. For more business advice, be sure to follow us on Facebook to get all new articles delivered straight to your newsfeed. Good Luck! 

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