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How to Improve Customer Service with the Best Restaurant Answering Service

How to Improve Customer Service with the Best Restaurant Answering Service

As of 2014, there are currently 637,584 restaurants in the United States. In order to stand out in this highly competitive industry, your customer service has to always be right on point. There are many changes you can make to increase your current customer satisfaction ratings. Hiring the best restaurant answering service available will give your restaurant the competitive edge it requires to stay in business. 

Customer Service Advice from the Best Restaurant Answering Service

• Focus on Your Dining Room Customers

Hiring a restaurant answering service to help handle your calling customers will give you the freedom to focus on your face-to-face customers. points out that, “Providing your guests with a sincere greeting is the best way to set the tone for the dining experience to follow.”

When your hostesses are not busy answering telephone calls, they can be ready and available to greet any diners that walk into the restaurant. You will be surprised to learn some of the unique services that we have available to restaurant owners.      

  • • Handling your reservation book in real-time and booking tables.
  • • Taking telephone orders for pick up and sending in real-time to your kitchen.  
  • • Offering driving directions to your restaurant for lost customers.
  • • Providing the daily/weekly specials or menu features.
  • • Informing diners of your dining room’s dress code and hours of operation.
  • • Answering all other FAQ’s you restaurant receives.

• Delegate Certain Administrative Tasks

We are the best restaurant answering service because we offer services that are custom to your restaurant’s needs. When you allow us to assist you with administrative tasks, you give yourself more time to attend to your dining guests. Our virtual receptionists can:

  • • Prescreen all of your incoming calls; acting like a gatekeeper to save you time.
  • • Take detailed messages for you to call back once you are ready and prepared.
  • • Assisting calling vendors with delivery instructions.
  • • Scheduling any appointments and meetings on your calendar in real-time.
  • • Act as your customer complaint department.

• Hotline for Staff Call Ins or Shift Change Requests

Who do your FOH and BOH employees contact when they call in to work because they’re sick? Our virtual receptionists are available 24 hours a day to answer all of your calls. These services don’t just have to be for diners, you can absolutely benefit from an answering service that caters to your in-house staff too.

All we need is a full employee contact list and a list of staff that are on-call for specific dates or weeks. “I can’t cover my shift today. I’m sick,” sound familiar? The moment we hear that our team jumps into action to contact your on-site team. Our dispatch unit will continue to reach the employee on-call until he or she answers the phone. After the shift has been assigned to a new employee, we can send you a text message confirming everything went well.   

This tip will benefit the customers in the long run as the dining room or kitchen will not be missing a set of hands.

• How We Help With Emergency Situations

Was a rodent spotted in your kitchen or dining room? Did a diner run out of the bathroom screaming because the toilet over flooded? No need to panic trying to figure out where the service professional’s phone number is. Make a simple call to your virtual receptionist team and we will contact your selected service professionals immediately to notify them of the emergency service visit needed.

Once the service technician has left the premises we are can request that they call back to let us know the work is completed. From there you receive a text message for your virtual receptionist team keeping you fully informed.  

• Virtual Hostesses Provide 24 Hour Customer Service

Our virtual hostesses will answer your restaurant lines 24 hours a day to assist your customers on their timetable. We live in a very, I want what I want and I want it now, world. In order to keep your customers satisfied and coming back for seconds, you will have to offer outstanding customer services. A Courteous Communications is the proud winner of numerous customer service awards in the last three decades we have been in business.

In our recent blog we showcase the importance of this service, “By forwarding your restaurant reservation lines to our scheduling team, you are opening your restaurant’s doors and declaring that no time is inconvenient for you to help a hungry diner book a table.”

We take pride in being able to answer your calls all day, all night, during weekends and holidays.

Give Our Best Restaurant Answering Service a Call

Seeing is believing and so we offer you a month to month, no long-term commitment contract with us. Try us out for a month and see if your customer service increased because you had more time to attend to the customers directly.  As the best restaurant answering service, we want to also share these top 10 questions you should ask while shopping around for telephone support.  

Give us a call at 1-800-785-6161 and speak with an account specialist to discuss how we can help your restaurant with our award winning customer service. 

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