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How to Grow Your Plumbing Business Overnight

This article struck our interest and we wanted to share it. Most business owners who research business tip on the internet want to know some of the habits of other successful business owners. In our quest for information, we found this really interesting article, 7 habits of great small business owners. There is one thing we already knew about keeping your business growing, “not handing it to your competition.” Read and learn how to grow your plumbing business overnight with a live receptionist service call center acting as your support staff; scheduling your service calls.

24 hours a day, have a live friendly voice answering your business line

There is absolutely no question that having a professional voice answering your business line compared to a voicemail is 100% better. As we all know most people dealing with plumbing issues would rather be doing something else. When they pick up that phone to get their plumbing issue handled, they know that a voicemail is not going to be able to help them, so they will be more likely to hang up and move right along to the next number. Guess who that next number is? It is your competition.

If you have a voicemail handling the calls from your new potential clients, you are handing them right over to your competition. The fact is that many plumbing companies are owned and operated by the same person. This means you are trying to give the best possible service to your current clients and answer your business lines and inform your potential clients. It is inevitable in this situation that a potential client call will end up being greeted by a voicemail. This does not have to be the case. A Courteous Communications is a 24 hour answering service for plumbers. Say goodbye to your voicemail and hello to your growing clientele.

I want information NOW 

It is no secret that in today’s world everyone wants information as fast as they can get it. If they are not getting information as quickly as desired, they will move on to the next source in hopes that they will receive it quicker. Right now you’re saying to yourself, “I am busy. I am on a job. What can I do?”

We have the answer. Our answering service for small business service professionals are trained and overall notably knowledgeable about the plumbing industry, but what if we added your personal touch to this information.

For example: At Fred’s Plumbing Service, it is company policy that every time one of your highly trained plumbing technicians enter a home, they first put on a pair of sanitary shoe covers. Let’s tell your callers that.

By setting up a FAQ’s/ Information field to your account, we can inform your potential clients of all of your unique policies and services. They have been greeted by that live, professional voice and given unique information about your company. By this time, they love the idea of doing business with Fred’s Plumbing Company.

What’s next?

They want to do some talking now. The warm and cozy feeling that potential clients get after receiving great customer service from the very beginning leads to questions on what the prices are and how to move forward with service. This is where we kick in our turbo customer service satisfaction. So Fred has already let us know when setting up his account that he offers three main services.

Based on what Fred told us about his company, we set up different information fields on each of his three services. Now, when the caller requests very specific information on the service they are calling in regards to, we are able to answer all of their questions and we have a very happy and informed new potential client.

Price is next. Now the client is overflowing with information and is ready for service prices. Guess what? Fred has given that information to his A+ live receptionist service team to share with his potential clients as well. Fred is three for three now. A friendly and professional live agent has answered his line, his caller has been informed about his company’s unique procedures and services, and here’s the kicker, Fred’s potential new client now also has pricing, all in the same call, and may I add again, in the first call.

Done deal, it is time to schedule that appointment

This potential new client is raving right now, smiling from ear-to-ear. They cannot even believe that in one easy phone call to Fred’s plumbing company, they have received all the information they wanted. They might try to trip us up on this next one.

The caller then says “let’s schedule my appointment.” Guess what Fred’s favorite answering service (which is A Courteous Communications) says, “No problem, what day and time are you looking for?” It’s ok if you want to read that again, it is a little shocking at first. But I will keep it very clear, Fred’s potential client just made their first call to ask about new service. They were greeted by a live, friendly, professional and informative virtual receptionist. The caller was given information about Fred’s unique services and company procedures. Once the potential client was full of information, they wanted to move forward and secure the prices for service. We are all still on the same call here, right? Now it is time to make an appointment, thinking that a return call would have to be made to schedule their appointment, we happily let them know that we can also accommodate their preferred date and time, and schedule them for a service call right then.

Still have the nagging question, “How to grow your plumbing business overnight?” Well I will give you a small hint, you do what Fred did: Hire a live receptionist service. Hire A Courteous Communications, the best answering service and the experts in customer service satisfaction. 

Call for your free quote today and learn how little an answering service for small business needs will cost you. Also learn that your business will continue to grow and make money as you sleep tonight.

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