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How Professional Offices Can Benefit From Hiring a Seasonal Answering Service

How Professional Offices Can Benefit From Hiring a Seasonal Answering Service

No one can deny that the holiday season brings happiness, joy and an overall great spirit to your professional offices. However, the holiday season also brings a plethora of stresses, anxieties and an increased workload for you and your staff. We suggest increasing your productivity and decreasing your office headaches this holiday season by hiring a seasonal answering service that can act as an extension of your professional office.  

Keep Your Business Lines Open During the Holidays with a Seasonal Answering Service 

Accessibility is important to your future clients so try something new this year and provide open communication all year round. When your competitors are closing their doors and directing all incoming calls to an antiquated answering service, be the business that is available 24/7.

All business professionals should be aware of a very important customer service statistic, “Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans will hang up on your business if you do not give them an opportunity to speak with a live agent.” Just by providing a live person to your future clients, you are allowing them to see your dedication to their complete satisfaction.


When your professional office provides 24 hour seasonal customer service, you will create more opportunities to turn your leads into paying clients.  

A Seasonal Answering Service Will Allow Your Staff to Be More Productive

In order to meet your clients’ customer service expectations, all professional offices must prepare in advance to close their operations during the holidays. You and your employees will have twice the workload to complete in a shorter period of time. This amount of stress and overloaded schedule will affect the productivity in your office.  

The personal stresses that build at home during the holidays will also interrupt your employees’ thoughts throughout their workday. According to a Forbes article, “Personal stress often affects work performance. It distracts people and diminishes productivity.” Giving your internal staff a break from the phones will help in decreasing their stress levels so they can properly manage their time.


Hiring a seasonal answering service allows you and your staff to focus on the time critical tasks that need to be completed before the holidays arrive. 

Save on Overtime and Holiday Pay with a Seasonal Answering Service 

If you are savvy business owner, you have already discovered the benefits of keeping the lines of communication open during the holidays. The decision to have your employees work round the clock in order to meet your clients’ demands will increase your payroll in two ways:

  1. 1. Your employees will have to work overtime in order to make up for the holiday breaks.
  2. 2. Specific staff members that work during the holidays are entitled to holiday pay increases.

While the extra money earned could be beneficial to some employees, others may prefer to take the days off to spend the holidays with their family and loved ones. Give your employees that well-needed time off and outsource your seasonal telephone customer service at a fraction of payroll costs.


This holiday season you can have your cake and eat it too. Hire virtual receptionists for as low as 45 cents a call; your wallet and employees will thank you.  

A Seasonal Answering Service Can Deliver Messages Straight to Your Cell Phone

Some professionals spend their personal time wondering if they missed an important call from a specific client. If the holidays are approaching in the middle of an important deal or vital deadline, allow a virtual receptionist to screen your calls for you.  

We will answer all of your business calls when you cannot and take down detailed information in a customized message format. All of your messages can be forwarded in real-time to you via text or email. This gives you the opportunity to take your mind off of work and focus on the time with your family during the holidays.


Hiring seasonal virtual receptionists will ease your workaholic tendencies and allow you to focus on quality time with your family and loved ones.                 

Seasonal Answering Service Agents Standing By for Emergencies 

Just like you can inform your account specialist here of your VIP client list, you can also train us on what you consider a business emergency. You don’t have to be available 24/7 to answer all phone calls in anticipation of a client emergency; we will take care of that.

When you hire our seasonal answering service, you are hiring a team of professionals that will follow your exact policies and procedures for handling emergency calls. We can provide answers to questions that are frequently asked in your industry during the holidays, or even dispatch an emergency call directly to your on-call supervisor.


When you hire extra holiday customer service support, you are investing in peace of mind that your clients are being helped during emergency situations.   

Give Us a Call to Learn More

With seasonal answering services as low as $19.95, your business can afford the extra holiday help. Start the conversation and give us a call today at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist about how we can help your office survive the busy holiday season.

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