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How Many Calls Did You Miss Today and What Did Those Calls Cost You? Hire a 24 Hour Answering Service Today

Every successful business owner that cares about the trends of their business know how many calls they miss in one day; zero! Learn more in this article how a 24 Hour Answering Service can help your business make money.

Let our 24 Hour Answering Service Help You and Your Business!

Let us say that you are an Orlando Starbucks’ Franchise Owner and you are looking for an after-hours plumber because your 24 hour coffee shop’s toilet is stopped up. Your usual plumber that would help in such a crisis has gone out of business and you have yet to replace that essential maintenance relationship. So, what do you do?

You hop on Google and you type into the search box: Emergency After-Hours Commercial Plumber in Orlando, Florida. Google takes a few microseconds to deliver to you 50 pages of possible plumbers that can get the job down. If you’re like 90% of other Google searchers, you will click on the first website in the results and make your call before the page has even gotten a chance to fully refresh.

So, you are a franchise owner calling an after-hours plumbing service to attend to your emergency plumbing needs. Ring… Ring… Ring… to Tom’s Emergency Plumbing Service but no one answers. Tom, the owner of the company and sole plumber, is taking a shower after a long day of working the field. Tom does not hear his cell phone ringing outside of his bathroom in the living room. Tom’s voice mail then kicks in to the calling customer, “Hi this is Tom’s Emergency Plumbing Service. I am sorry I can’t come to the phone right now but if you please leave your….”

As the franchise owner, you have heard this message before. What do you do? You most likely hang up without leaving a message and consult your Google search results page for the next after-hours emergency plumber in line. The next in line happens to be none other than ABC Emergency Plumbing; clients of A Courteous Communications telephone answering service. The conversation, you will learn, goes a little bit different.

Ring… “Good Evening, thank you for calling ABC Emergency Plumbing. How can we help you tonight?” Our highly trained virtual receptionists will then take down your information, update the on-call plumber of the service, quote you a price and even process your payment information all in a matter of minutes. Our telephone operators will then reach out by telephone to the on-call serviceman, relay the service details and provide a service completion report to the owner of the company.

Taking this scenario into consideration, can you now see that missing a call is missing an opportunity to make a sale and to make a profit? If Tom’s Emergency Plumbing had answered their after-hours telephone lines, they would have scored the Starbucks’ Franchise Owner business; not only for that visit, but for future visits as well.

Thanks to the business savviness of our customer, ABC Emergency Plumbing, he was able to monopolize on his competitors’ shortcomings and steal business away just by being available to the calling customer in their time of need.

So we ask you once more, “How many calls did you miss today and what did those calls cost you?”

A 24 Hour Answering Service for any industry!

Stop sending business to your competitors and never find out what it’s like to lose that highly sought after business. Give our 24 hour answering service a call and let’s have a free initial consultation to discuss your after-hour, weekend and holiday season telephone answering service needs.

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