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FAQ: Custom Wake Up Call Services for Business Owners

FAQ: Custom Wake Up Call Services for Business Owners

Wake up call services are no longer a luxury limited to just the rich, famous and/or lucky vacationers. Imagine being able to rely on a personal assistant that will always make sure you are up and ready to start your day (for just a few quarters per day). Having a wake up call service has been trending lately and so we decided to compile all of your frequently asked questions into this one article. Read on to learn the entire process of scheduling, confirming and canceling your wake up calls.      

How Do I Schedule a Wake Up Call Service?

During a quick conversation with one of our account experts, we will discuss your custom wake up call service plan. We will touch on the following necessary areas:

  1. 1. The frequency of your desired wake up calls.
  2. 2. The exact time you would like to be woken up at.
  3. 3. If you would like the ability to snooze wake up calls.
  4. 4. Your emergency or backup telephone number, if applicable.

After telling us your personal preferences and wake up requirements, our in-house IT tech team will then add you as a client into our state of the art system. This entire process has a good chance of being completed within hours of first ordering your wake up call services.     

Are These Automated Wake Up Calls?

When you hire our professional and friendly live wake up call services, you are hiring a real human being to get you up and ready for your day. You aren’t being disturbed from your slumber by an automated and robotic voice; asking you to press 1 if you are awake. You are greeted and awakened by a friendly virtual receptionist that probably had her first cup of coffee two hours before calling you.      

What Happens If I Don’t Answer the Wake Up Call?

Our live receptionist service’s ultimate priority is waking you up at the exact time you requested us to call. If for some reason you do not answer that incoming wake up call, we will continue to try the number you provided until we personally speak with you.

If you are not a quick riser you can time snooze delays. Instruct us to call you every 3+ minutes until you answer the wake up call.

Does Your Wake Up Call Services Work in Different Time Zones?

We are a fully staffed, in-house team of virtual receptionists that handle millions of telephone communications each year, since establishing in 1986. Our concierge wake up call receptionists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are able to work in all time zones and even have multilingual options. Our corporate office located in Orlando, Florida is open 24 hours a day to assist any needs you have, any time of day. 

Can You Wake Me Up In the Middle of the Night?

Just as we work in all time zones, we are able to accommodate any time of day you need a wake up call. If you work the late shift or if your wake up call demand is on the weekends, we have you covered and can customize your entire account to fit your exact needs.

Creative Gift Idea: Can I Gift Wake Up Call Services?

If you are trying to figure out a creative gift to give someone special, may we suggest giving them the gift of professional wake up call services? Our basic plan can cost as little as $0.45 per call and is a perfect way to encourage someone to continue on a professional, successful path.

Once you purchase the service as a gift, an account expert will speak to the recipient to discuss exact requests for their wake up calls.     

How Do I Change/Cancel My Wake Up Time?

Your new wake up receptionists are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any requested changes, cancellations or other service requests. You just call our office at 1(800) 785-6161 and discuss your revisions and they will be effective in real-time.

Do I Have to Sign an Annual Contract?

We do not require you to sign a long yearly commitment like other live receptionist companies. We work on a month-to-month basis with our clients and they are free to cancel their services at any time.   

Can the Wake Up Call Also Relay My Messages?

As your personal virtual receptionist we are also able to provide you support with your business or personal phone calls as well. Allow us to answer your business line when you cannot and we will take detailed messages for you.

If you would like, we can customize your account so when you get a wake up call, you also get your important phone messages relayed to you. We are a full service call center and are able to give you telephone handling solutions that improve your overall personal and business standard of living.       

Want to learn more about our wake up call services?

During a complimentary consultation we will discuss our wake up call services, your unique needs and a specific monthly/call rate schedule. Start the conversation by giving us at a call at 1-800-785-6161 and we can discuss waking you up as early as tomorrow.     

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