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Facebook for Business Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Customer Service Using Facebook

Facebook for Business Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Customer Service Using Facebook

Are you using social customer service to assist your customers before, during and after their purchases? If not, it’s about time you start implementing a plan to assist your customers online and make doing business with you as easy and convenient as possible. Our virtual answering service that focuses on providing elite customer service brings you our top Facebook for Business Tips with these 5 actions you can easily commit to.  

Facebook for Business Tips

1.) Improve Customer Service by Listening

When used right, social media is a platform that allows you to compete with the big companies in your industry when it comes to providing amazing customer service. Fortune 500 companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to employ researchers to gather focus groups in order to gain personal insight into their customers. You can do this on a smaller scale. 

Utilizing focus groups is, “A marketing research technique for qualitative data that involves a small group of people (6-10) that share a common set characteristics (demographics, attitudes, etc.) and participate in a discussion of predetermined topics led by a moderator.” With a little guidance, you too can gather data to improve your customer service.  

Dig deep into Facebook to find out information about your customers and ideal target market to help you better serve them. To get you started, we recommend reading a highly informative article, Ways to Use Facebook to Find and Research Your Target Market. This how-to article gives you step by step advice on how to perform social media market research using Facebook.

2.) Engage and Interact with Customers on Facebook

It is imperative that your business’s Facebook page responds quickly to messages received and comments posted. Imagine your business telephone line ringing. Now imagine that it rings off the hook and that customer isn’t able to speak with a representative. Missing opportunities to assist a customer will be devastating to your brand’s reputation. 

If someone takes the time to send your business a Facebook message, you must answer that message as quickly as possible to provide elite customer service and attention. Likewise, if someone leaves a comment on your page or one of your posts, you don’t want to leave them hanging in a social media vacuum. Respond by answering your customers’ questions; thank them for their praises; or address their feedback by replying to a comment. 

Facebook for Business shares, “Over one billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Messenger each month. Messaging a business directly is a fast and convenient way for people to get in touch with questions about products and services, appointments, customer service questions and more.” So in order to rake in more customer service brownie points, engage and interact with your customers. 

Take it a step further by periodically posting reminders on your page that your customer service team is standing by to assist them socially. Include a “message me” call to action to encourage your followers to start the conversation. Teach your customers to message your business with any questions, requests or issues they may have.    

3.) Make Your Customers Feel Good

You might believe in the wildly popular idea that people will forget what you say, but will always remember how you made them feel. In order to improve your customer service and increase your customer loyalty, our Facebook for Business Tips include making your customers feel good.

Here are some creative ways to make your customers feel good when they visit your Facebook Page: 

  • • Motivational Quotes and Images

Frequently post motivational quotes, motivational images and share positivity with your followers. Take a look at the Facebook Page, Quotes and Sayings, and see how their posts get liked, shared and commented on tens of thousands of times.

  • • Customer Spotlights

When possible, highlight your valued customers by giving them a shout-out on your page and thanking them for their business. Steer clear of generic posts and try to add a personal touch in your spotlight. If you focus on B2B, share your customers’ Facebook Pages with your followers. 

  • • Satisfied Customer Photos

Encourage your customers to send photos of them with your product. Nothing gives encouragement to try your product like a happy, smiling customer sharing their positive experience with your business.  

  • • Post Behind the Scenes Photos

Get your team involved and included by posting photos of them hard at work. You can showcase your happy company culture by letting your customers see who they’re working with.

To dig deeper into improving your customer service, our virtual answering service recommends this article: Everything you need to know about building a company customers love.

4. Customize Your Facebook Page Tabs and Apps

Take advantage of the great Facebook tabs and apps out there that help streamline your social customer service. No matter your business’s industry, there are tools out there that will help your customers gain access to answers to FAQ’s; book an appointment/reservation; shop your products on Facebook; provide feedback; or even to track their order. 

Social Media Examiner shares some great Facebook Page apps that will help improve your customer service by giving your followers quick access to the info they need and want. To give you a general look into what’s possible, here is a quick rundown of app features available:

  • • Feedback/Testimonial Apps
  • • Quiz and Poll Apps
  • • Ecommerce or Page Storefront Apps
  • • Contest/Giveaway Apps
  • • Coupon Apps
  • • Appointment Scheduling Apps
  • • Reservation/Table Booking Apps
  • • Interaction Tracking Apps
  • • Technical Support Apps

If you don’t know how to add tabs and apps to your business profile, Facebook for Business shares thistutorial to help.

5. Keep Your Customers Informed

One of the best offenses to handling negative customer service experiences is to always keep your customers informed. Don’t let your customers be surprised, post updates and advisements when you need to. 

So if you know that your customer service department is being flooded with complaints about a specific product or service, be the first to address it directly. If your office will be closed or is experiencing high call volumes, write a post on your page to warn your customers. When you discontinue a service, product or feature, give them alternatives in order to keep their loyalty. If there is a popular news story or event that effects your customers, start a troubleshooting or advisement conversation on your Facebook Page.   

By constantly keeping your customers informed on your Facebook Page, you’ll train them to seek your page out for updates, defects, delays or other vital information.

We Hope Our Facebook for Business Tips Help Your Company

As always, our dedicated team here at A Courteous Communications hopes that this article has increased your awareness on the importance of social customer service. If you enjoyed these Facebook for Business Tips, visit our page here and get all articles delivered straight to your Facebook newsfeed. 

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