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Emergency After-Hours Answering Service Helps With a Broken A/C Unit

I loved writing this diary entry. After a busy day at work helping others with emergency service calls, I was the one that needed help. It was my turn to call for emergency after-hours answering service, not the other way around.

I opened the door to my home, and I was met by a thick heat cloud. I got that feeling that I am sure most people have felt once or twice before, that feeling that says, “The AC is broken.” This was the last thing I wanted to deal with after a long ride home in traffic, and here is the kicker, the AC in my car was broke. All I wanted to do was walk into my air-conditioned home and lay on the couch for a few minutes. That wasn’t going to happen right away for me that day.

The first thing I did was check my AC unit’s thermostat, it read 91 degrees. I knew I had set the auto-cool to 78 degrees before leaving that morning as I always do. My mind started reeling on what steps to take next. As an experienced virtual receptionist for service professionals, I knew that placing my service call was the first step in getting some relief from the heat.

I did a quick once over on my air-conditioning unit’s owner manual. I quickly found a label that listed a 24 hour service number. After dialing the number, I looked over at my dogs. I will never forget the looks on their faces that said without a word, “Mom, it’s really hot in here.”

The phone rang a total of two times before a cheerful voice answered. I thought to myself, I recognize this voice. It was my supervisor Darlene. She sounded like an angel to me when she greeted my call with, “Freezer Cold Air-Conditioning, how my I help you?” I knew I was in good hands.

Smiling from ear to ear I said, “Hi Dar, it’s Sara!” I could also hear in her voice that she was smiling as well. “Hey Sara, why are you calling on this Air-Conditioning Company’s service line?” I began to explain my situation. I must have talked for at least two full minutes before she said, “What number would you like a return call to?” Darlene was using our very helpful method of call control.

Call control is used to help navigate callers through a message form without missing important message fields. This is especially helpful when a caller is frantic and jumping around with their contact information. I was the frantic caller this time.

Before I knew it, Darlene had documented all the information necessary to dispatch my emergency service call. She then began to read me the emergency service call pricing. I have always thought it was great to inform callers of the after-hours emergency service prices before having the company dispatched. When she said it would be 75.00 an hour for the service call, I happily agreed. The price sounded very fair, and I would have paid twice that amount for some cool air.

Darlene and I wrapped up our call. Before I knew it the on-call service technician was knocking at my door. It took him 32 minutes exactly to diagnose and fix the problem. A clog in the water line leading out of the AC system was the culprit. He had set his timer the moment he walked into my house he explained. He then continued to tell me this eliminates any guessing on both ends for how long the service call takes.

I offered him a bottled water as he wrote out my receipt. By the time he was finished with the water and receipt, I was feeling very comfortable with the services provided. Not only was I thrilled that the cool air was flowing, but he also left me with helpful tips on how to check and troubleshoot my unit before calling again for after-hours service.

Walking into your home after a hard day at work to find that your AC is not cooling is never fun. I can honestly say that my HVAC emergency service company helped save the day. A Courteous Communications did an amazing job at guiding me smoothly through the entire process. Together they made a perfect team!

We are an emergency after-hours answering service that works 24 hours a day to make certain that your customers are 100% happy, satisfied and confident with your business.

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