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Don’t Send Pest Control After-Hour Business to Your Competitors, Utilize Our Pest Control Answering Service

Many pest control companies are managed and operated by the owners themselves. This means one person or a small team of pest control technicians are running the entire show, 7 days a week, 365 days a years. Imagine if your pest control business has the help of highly trained and award winning virtual receptionists for service professionals through a Pest Control Answering Service.

A 24 Hour Pest Control Answering Service

What would you do?

It’s the middle of the night and you hear clawing and scratching coming from the attic, right above your bed. What is the first thing you would do? I would get out of that room fast. I am sure many would do the same. A phone call to a local pest control company to rid me of my midnight guest would be my next move. If I were to be greeted by a voicemail, I would definitely hang up and continue my search for a live pest control hero. I am not alone here; up to 80% of callers that receive a voicemail will hang up without leaving a message. Are you a pest control business owner and operator? Are you looking for the solution to avoid handing over business to your competitors when you are unable to get to the phone?

24 hour live, virtual receptionist for service professionals

A good way to think of a virtual receptionist is as an extension of your office when you’re on the go. Our virtual assistants are ready to answer your business line, take messages and answer FAQ’s for your callers. Just let us know what time of the day you would like your messages and we will fax, email or text them to you.

FAQ’s – Your Frequently Asked Questions

We love answering questions for all of our callers, and potential new clients love having their questions answered on the first call. FAQ’s can be anything from your business address and hours to emergency service call rates and specific appointment scheduling questions. When callers have all this information at their fingertips on the first call, the need to call competitors for anything is completely gone. As your pest control after-hour answering service and call center, you can rest assured knowing we are assisting your current clients and potential customers 24/7.

Appointment Setting

Our pest control answering service has you covered when your callers need to schedule an appointment. We will happily fill in your appointment book for you. By having access to your appointment times, we have the ability to reschedule appointments for your clients if needed. We will also call your customers the evening or morning before your scheduled appointment. We place this call as a simple reminder for the client, and confirmation for you. I have heard many customers say, “I am so glad you called, I would have forgotten all about that appointment.”

24 hour service dispatch operators

A Courteous Communications has a team of dispatchers trained specifically for emergency service calls. This team receives training based on the needs of our emergency service companies. A complete review of the companies on-call information is completed before a call is dispatched. We know that changes to on-call emergency service information is often needed several times in one shift. Once changes are made to a service account, our emergency service dispatchers are notified right away to review these changes and take action as needed.

Your business will grow

With your business lines being answered and managed by our live agents, and zero calls going to voicemail, your pest control business will grow. Appointment book pages will be filling up quickly. First time callers for emergency pest service can easily turn into long-term customers. With the increasing number of emergency pest control calls being answered and serviced, the number of annual customers will increase.

The Solution in three words- A Courteous Communications

A Courteous communications is a live, 24 hour answering service. This means a live, virtual receptionist for service professionals answering your line anytime of the day. Your pest control inquiries will have access to FAQ’s about your business no matter what time they call. Once a caller agrees to your after-hours service rates, our emergency dispatch call center alerts your on-call technician. Your appointment book is managed in all areas of setting, rescheduling, cancelling and confirming appointments.

Let us help you with our Pest Control Answering Service

Are these good examples of how an ideal virtual receptionist can help grow your business? Give our account manager a call today for a free consultation, we can build a personalized account with services that fit perfectly for you and your growing company. Trust us to be your pest control answering serviceand call center. 

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