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Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Your Customers

Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Your Customers

A great way to keep existing customers and attract new customers is to make your business gracious and well-mannered. Showing appreciation to loyal customers should be on your priority list to ensure your brand is trusted and admired. Follow one or more of these creative ways to say thank you to your customers and build strong, lasting relationships.    

Creative Ways to Say Thank You 

1. Pick Up the Telephone

In today’s predominantly digital world, picking up the telephone for a one-on-one conversation has become unique and creative. Set aside some time to go through your stale and current customer lists to make contact, just to say hello and check in. Tell your past and existing customers how much you appreciate their business and see if there’s anything you can do to help them further.

2. Give Them Valuable Content

Your customers are searching the internet and social media sites for answers to their questions. Quora, a popular question-and-answer website, shows just how valuable good answers can be. On average people answer around 2,000 questions every day and there are 80 million unique visitors of the website every month.

Be a thought-leader in your industry and give your target market valuable content on your website and social media profiles.

3. Plant a Tree in Their Name

Consumers are becoming more ecofriendly and businesses are expected to be, at the very least, partially green. Look into setting up a program that donates money towards planting a tree in the name of your customer. Creative ways to say thank you can be green initiatives that generate buzz around your brand. Not only will your customers be proud to do business with you, but you will also generate some great content for press releases and social media.

Perform a little due diligence and find a non-profit organization that you can partner up with to bring fresh attention from your customers. Trees for U.S. has a special corporate tree planting partnership available.   

4. Send a Snail Mail Birthday Card

When was the last time you received a birthday card in the mail? Splurge on creating a custom birthday card to send to all of your potential, existing and past customers on their special day. Online printing companies like Vista Print will allow you to create custom artwork for birthday cards that you can send. Invest 49 cents in a stamp and a few minutes each week to send out personalized birthday cards.

Nothing shows appreciation like remembering their special day with a special card.

5. Shoot Over a Holiday Gift Basket

Whether your clients would love a cookie bouquet, a sampling of jams or a fruit basket; nothing says thank you like being remembered during the holidays. In order to fulfill this creative way to say thank you, be sure you know the value and lifetime worth of your customers. You don’t want to send a customer a $100 holiday basket when their contribution in annual revenue taps out at $50.  

Crunch the numbers to arrive at an ideal holiday gift spending budget and say thank you to your customers for their business.

6. Host a Community Event

Depending on your target market, you can get as creative as you want to when offering to sponsor or host a community event for your customers. Take a look at some example events that can benefit your business while giving back:

  • • Host a community potluck party by providing a venue and entertainment.
  • • Sponsor a peewee or school sports team to give back and show appreciation.
  • • Facilitate a charity event and provide the materials and resources for volunteers to help you give thanks by giving back.
  • • Buy one or more tables at a local charity gala and invite your loyal customers to attend on your company’s behalf.

Be creative when thinking of different ways you can say thank you by giving back to your customers and community.

7. Give a “No Reason” Discount

Decide on running a discount campaign that is for existing customers and shoot them a discount code with their next purchase… just because. Include a personal note letting them know how grateful you are that they have selected your business to purchase their product from and offer a no strings attached discount code.

Not only will you give your customer a warm and fuzzy feeling, but you will also help them in deciding to make their next purchase.

8. Spoil Customers with a Swag Bag

Just like in creative tip #5, you have to first figure out your customer’s average lifetime value before spoiling them with swag and sample bags. But buying items your customers’ want and need in bulk will allow you to get creative and generous. Be sure to stick in samples of your current or upcoming products.

9. Subscribe VIP’s to a Monthly Gift Club

Your very important customers that bring in a substantial amount of revenue to your business deserve special acts of gratitude. Have you ever considered a food of the month or on-going magazine subscription that those VIPs would enjoy?

Get creative and subscribe your VIP clientele to a particular food or targeted magazine that they would appreciate.

10. Send Business Referrals

Last, but not least, dust off your rolodex and look for potential customers for your customers. When you actively think about placing specific people you currently do business with, with other companies, you will be surprised how many business connections you can make.

We all know too well the benefits of the idiom, “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Go ahead and try to be a matchmaker by prefacing that as a thanks for their loyal business, you want to send potential business their way.


Our Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Our Customers….

Here at A Courteous Communications, our digital call center practices nearly all of the above creative ways to say thank you to our customers and our community.

To become a valued customer of ours, give us a call at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist. We will discuss the telephone answering and messaging services we have graciously been providing our customers with for the past 30 years. 

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