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Busy Wedding Season Schedule? 5 Ways Our Answering Service Helps Your Catering Business

Busy Wedding Season Schedule? 5 Ways Our Answering Service Helps Your Catering Business

A caterer just provides the food and beverages. If you’re a catering business owner or catering coordinator, you probably just laughed out loud to that common misconception. Our answering service for catering companies understands your high-stress duties and round the clock services.

Looking at the calendar, we also know the busy wedding season is quickly approaching with 15% of weddings occurring in June and 14% in October. We want to help you prevent the 5 headaches listed below that come with planning, coordinating and executing your next wedding food service. 

How our Answering Service for Catering Companies Can Help During Wedding Season

1.) Having Your Cell Phone Ring Day and Night

One of the biggest headaches of running a wedding catering service is having to answer incoming calls from clients 24/7. You need help answering your high-call volume if you’re going to stay sane the next couple of months. We provide 24-hour telephone coverage for you so you can hold important consultations at 2 pm and get a good night’s sleep at 2 am.

If you’re worried about the logistics of outsourcing your calls, allow us to guide you through your concerns. Here are the 3 simple steps involved in hiring a virtual receptionist.   

  1. 1.) Consult with an answering service specialist to customize your account.
  2. 2.) Forward your incoming calls to a number provided.
  3. 3.) Receive phone messages or emergency calls in real-time.

During your consultation, we’ll get an understanding of how you want your phones being answered. Our answering service specialist will then train our team of virtual receptionists to answer your lines according to your exact specifications. So when you receive a call at 2 am, you know that your catering business has a real emergency.

If your apprehensive to forward your calls because you fear of missing an important call, we have you covered. Your new team will text or email you all incoming messages in real-time. This allows you to make all of your callbacks at your convenience. Don’t think that forwarding your calls equates to giving up control. With our real-time message delivery options, you will always have the opportunity to quickly return VIP calls when needed.  

2.) Constant Distractions From Clients’ FAQs

Every calling potential client or current client is very important. That being said, we also believe that not every call needs to be answered by you or your busy on-site catering team. Take a look at some of the FAQs we are able to answer on your behalf:

  • • How soon in advance do I need to book your catering services for my wedding?
  • • Do you offer taste testing? Is this complimentary or do you charge a fee?
  • • What are your general service rates for a wedding with 100 guests?
  • • Can you provide food servers? What will the waitstaff wear?
  • • Do you offer organic, vegan, kosher and other special food requests?
  • • What other events do you specialize in besides weddings?

These are just a small sample of the FAQs our current clients receive. Since we offer complete customization options, you can select the top frequently asked questions your catering business receives and supply us with the answers.

Forward these important customer building calls to a professional team while you focus on more pressing tasks for your catering company.  

3.) Decrease in Customer Service Due to a Busy Schedule

It’s 7 pm and you’re trying to complete a walk-through with your team on the eve of a client’s wedding. Your cellphone rings and the caller id shows that another client, with a wedding date 2 weeks away, is trying to reach you. What do you do?

You really only have 2 options in this limiting scenario. 1) You press the decline button and send your client to a voicemail recording. 2) You put your current walk-through on hold to answer your incoming call. Which client do you give your undivided attention to?

Our answering service for catering companies gives you a third option so you don’t have to worry about decreasing your attention in order to appease all of your clients. If you hired a virtual receptionist, first off, your walk-through would never be interrupted unless it was an emergency. Your virtual receptionist would:

  • • Answer your client’s incoming phone call and provide personal attention to your caller. 
  • • Take down a detailed message from your caller and their contact information.
  • • Forward you the message via sms text or email in real-time.

It’s a win-win situation. You’ll win because you will not be forced to offer substandard customer service by spreading yourself thin. Your clients will win because they’ll feel satisfied that their needs are being met on their timetable.      

4.) Mistakes Caused By Inadequate Communication

A recipe for a disastrous wedding event is having poor or inadequate communication between you and the other staff involved. Since weddings have so many moving parts, it’s imperative that you have a streamlined plan for communicating with all of the key players.

Here are just a few services that help you stay more organized and as efficient as possible when you’re catering a wedding.

• Answering Vendors’ FAQs

Just like we can answer your client’s frequently asked questions, we can also provide assistance to various vendors and third-parties involved in an upcoming wedding. Give us your complete itinerary and/or agenda, and we will help field calls from the various vendors involved.

• Call Patching

If there is an emergency, incident or change of plans, we are able to forward those VIP calls straight to your cell phone and update your agenda accordingly.

• Outbound Calls to Wedding Party

If you have a specific message for the wedding party but don’t have the time to relay the message, we can help. Give us a contact list for the wedding party or third-party vendors and we will make outgoing calls on your behalf; taking our virtual services a step further with catering assistant duties.

To facilitate a perfect flow of communication between the wedding party, the BOH kitchen team, the waitstaff, the venue coordinator and other key players; you need help.

5.) Interruptions of On-Site Tasks on the Wedding Day

Your client’s wedding day has arrived and you’re running around trying to provide the best catering service possible. We’re sure your task list is a mile long and so we help take the stress away from having to answer a ringing cell phone.

Our basic answering services cost as little as $19.95 per month with per call rates as low as $0.45. Don’t send your callers to a voicemail when you are bogged down with a wedding food service. With our affordable rates, you can be in two places at once; helping multiple clients at the same time.

Hiring a virtual receptionist team helps you keep your head in the game and on important tasks. Allow us to provide award winning customer service support while you focus on event and food specific duties. You’re a pro when it comes to catering just like we’re the pros when it comes to

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Give us a call and allow us to save you from the infinite headaches that come about during the busy wedding season. 

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