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Business Travel Tips: How to Pack a Mobile Office for Business Abroad

Business Travel Tips: How to Pack a Mobile Office for Business Abroad

Before heading out on your next business trip, take a moment to review our checklist featuring the essentials you’ll need to run an effective mobile office. This article is not to be mistaken as a guide to help you stay connected while on vacation; we think you should enjoy your holiday completely unplugged.

These business travel tips will help you if you’re embarking on a business trip and will be required to conduct business as usual while away.

Our Best Business Travel Tips for Business Abroad

WiFi or Mobile Internet Access

We’re in 2016. In order to effectively run a mobile office while traveling, you need an Internet connection. There are a few options you can turn to and keep connected while traveling for business. Your number one concern and priority needs to be having reliable WiFi access.

• Hotel Wifi Access

Whether you’re staying in a name brand hotel or are setting up camp in an Airbnb accommodation, make sure you have access to reliable Internet before booking. To avoid hackers, our digital call center suggests you learn how to secure your information by reading LifeHack’s article, How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks.

• USB Stick or Dongle

If your laptop doesn’t have a modem built in, you can opt to have your own secure Internet access by investing in a USB stick or dongle. These devices, “look identical to USB flash drives, but instead of holding data they’re used to connect to the Internet via a built in modem. So you can connect to WiFi whenever you’re in range or in a ‘hotspot,’ or if you have a plan, you can connect to the Internet via 3 or 4g Internet wherever there is coverage — just like your cell phone.”

• Tethering or Internet Sharing

Tethering or Internet sharing is a setup that connects your computer and/or other devices to the Internet. So if your phone supports tethering, you can use your smart phone’s cellular data signal as a WiFi router for all of your devices. 

Untethered Office shares the top pros and cons of tethering:

         Saves money on your monthly plan versus having a separate aircard.

         If using your phone as a wireless hotspot, there is no additional parts to forget.

+          Usually the same speed as an aircard.

–           Some devices need extra software to tether (e.g. Blackberry Desktop Manager).

–           You may use more data than you think while on your laptop.

If this option makes the most sense for you, PC Advisor shares an article that will show you how to use your smartphone as a WiFi spot: A Guide to Internet Tethering on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Smart/Mobile Phone

While traveling for business, you’re going to need a killer international plan to be able to use your smartphone without coming home to a painstakingly high phone bill. Whistle Out shares their updated, 2016 international mobile carrier comparison to keep you informed on the latest offers. 

Companies like magicJack and Skype are also heavily relied on for free long-distance app plans because they run off the Internet.

#BusinessTravelTips: 3 Ways to Save Your Data Plan During Business Travel

  • • Go to your phone’s settings and turn off data roaming
  • • Don’t download/view photos or other media in emails
  • • Turn of your apps’ access to download data in the background

Laptop and/or Tablet

Your laptop and/or tablet with wireless keyboard is going to give you the power to properly attend to your work schedule, no matter where you are in the world. Of course when packing your laptop, make sure you also bring your charging plug. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to learn that your laptop charging cord isn’t in your carryon luggage.  

For those business Skype conferences with your team back home, make sure your laptop’s camera, speakers and microphone are equipped to deliver quality audio and sound. There’s no point in making yourself available for an important meeting if poor quality is preventing you from really tuning in. 

Laptops equipped with Windows 10 installed now have the ability to set up tracking on any lost or stolen laptop. Click here to read Windows tutorial on how to use the “find my laptop” or “find my device” features. If your business laptop gets stolen or lost while you’re working abroad, at least you will have a plan in place to retrieve it.       

Helpful Device Accessories 

Here is a short list of “must-have” device accessories to pack on your next business trip.  

• Electric Converter and/or Adapter

There’s no point in bringing an electronic device with you on a business trip if you forget to pack a convertor or adapter to charge those devices. But what do you need, an adaptor, converter, transformer or electric power brick? shares an amazing infographic that will help you decipher what you need in order to protect your electronic devices and appliances. The key problem you are faced with when traveling with your devices is some countries (like the United States) emit 110 volts of electricity through their outlets, while other countries (like European ones) emit 220 volts. You will also run into the problem of varying electrical outlet designs. Your American device’s plug won’t fit into other country electrical outlets. 

• Bluetooth or Headset

This accessory, although not required to conduct business abroad, will come in handy. If you’re parked in a busy café trying to hold a conversation or listen to a phone message, you’ll want to have a little privacy. Having a headset with a microphone or a Bluetooth will allow you to work hands-free while protecting any confidential information that is relayed.

• Outlet Multiplier

This recommended travel electronic device accessory will ensure that if faced with only one outlet, you can charge all of your devices at once. Most of your travel accommodations will include more than one outlet, but in the event you’re strapped for a power source, your traveling outlet multiplier will keep your laptop, phone, iPod, tablet and other devices powered up. 

• USB Data Storage

Even though traveling with a mobile data storage has become standard these days, we couldn’t help but include this business travel tipas well. Buying a USB stick that will support the data you’re expected to use is the biggest challenge. We turn to Kingston’s highly informative size chart that will help you to choose a flash drive size that matches your needs.  

• Alarm Clock or Alarm App

When traveling for business, are you willing to rely solely on your hotel’s front desk wakeup call services? The answer on everyone’s lips should be, “No!” Travel with your mini alarm clock powered by batteries or download a reliable alarm app to your phone. 

Our 24-hour answering service can also be hired to give you wake up and/or reminder calls, no matter where you are in the world.

An Answering Service That Travels With You and Provides Business Travel Tips

Last but not least of our business travel tips is to hire a reputable business answering service to help you while you’re working abroad. Just forward your business calls to our virtual receptionist and we’ll assist your calling customers and colleagues while your away. After taking down a message in your absence, we will email or text you the message in real-time.  

Give us a call now at 1-800-785-6161 to speak with an account specialist to learn how our team can complete your mobile office while away on business. 

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