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Business Advice for Startups: How to Dress For Success

Business Advice for Startups: How to Dress For Success

So, you have started your own business and are hitting the streets to expand your customer and referral lists. Take a second look in the mirror before you leave the house and honestly answer this question: What does your business wardrobe say about you? It’s hard to give an honest opinion and make a non-bias judgment on what your appearance is saying about you and your business. Follow our business advice for startups to make sure you are leaving your new customers, leads and referrals with the best impression possible.      

Business Advice for Startups: Dressing the Part 

Match Your Personal Brand and Business Brand

Follow the branding you have designed in your new startup business and try to replicate that feel into your own personal style. Does your startup business cater to higher-end clientele or are you looking to dive right in and mesh with construction sites and blue collar workers?

For all the male entrepreneurs looking to “clothes” the deal with affluent clients, we suggest taking a look at GQ’s recommendations here for Autumn inspired suits and patterns. Men, if you are looking for a more business casual look that still radiates style, get some inspiration from this recommended Pinterest Board.      

For all the female entrepreneurs looking to “clothes” the deal with high paying client and heavy hitters, check out the hip Corporate Fashionista Blog for inspiration. If you are looking for business casual, Elle has some ultra-chic options for every type of professional in their latest article, The Perfect Outfit for Your Job. Steal the look for less by using these examples as a reference and shopping in your local department stores for the same look at a fraction of the cost.

Major Takeaway: Listen to your target market’s needs and discover infinite possibilities of how you can relate and interact with your customers on a personal level.

Clean, Wrinkle-Free and Put Together

Now that we are past the difficult styling of your business wardrobe, now it’s time for the details. It doesn’t matter how expensive your new business outfit is, if your clothing is dirty, wrinkled or damaged, kiss your professional brand goodbye.

Inspect your business closet to make certain all items in your business wardrobe are ready to wear with this checklist:

  • • Cleaned, Ironed and Pressed
  • • Free of Holes and Frays
  • • Buttons are Accounted For and Secure
  • • There Are No Stains
  • • Does Not Have Pesky Pet Hair
  • • Not Too Worn and Outdated

Inspect Those Fingernails

Fingernails sound like a minuscule detail but a person’s hands will tell the untold stories of your lifestyle. Never, ever, ever, ever show up to meet with a lead or new customer with chipped fingernail polish. It says that you do not take pride in your appearance and if you skimp on that, what else do you cut corners with?

Men, even though you do not wear fingernail polish you are not absolved from this small detail. Men and women alike should make sure that they’re nails are cut evenly and that there is no dirt under those nails. Save yourself any embarrassment from reaching out for a professional handshake with claws that could cut, or dirt that could spread bacteria.

Your personal brand will leak into your professional brand and customers will judge your business harshly if you do not put your best… hand forward. 

Shoes Are Very Important

You know you know this lesson… shoes are very important. The thoughts of Marilyn Monroe hint at footwear’s importance, “Give a girl the rights shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Forest Gump chimes in with his mother’s wisdom, “My momma always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they go, where they’ve been.” Or take the advice of the elders in our family and community that constantly remind us, “You can tell a person’s character by looking at their shoes.”

What do your shoes say about you? Even though designer labels could say a mouthful to the elite groups and posh fashionistas you may be looking to attract, labels are not important in this article. What is important are the condition and visible wear of your shoes.

Your shoes do not have to be new, but they do have to be clean and free of any wear, tear and scuff marks. Polishing your shoes and making them shine will speak volumes to your new customers and let them know that you take pride in the details of any given situation.  

Making the Best Impression

As a new business owner and budding entrepreneur, it’s important that all impressions you make are outstanding and professional impressions. Slack in any of the advice given, and suffer the consequences of not being taken seriously in a professional environment.

Wear business attire that makes you feel confident. We all have those items in our wardrobe that when we put on, we feel like a superhero. Those garments make us feel incredible and give us the strength to tackle any task at hand. When you feel confident in your business attire, you can present yourself and your business in the most self-assured and poised manner possible. 

We hope this business advice helps you succeed 

Follow our business advice for startups and in no time, expect your business lines to ring off the hook with impressed leads and new customers. When that happens, reach out to our virtual office receptionists, call handlers and scheduling assistants to help you expand your professional appearance.

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