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Blogging for Business: How a blog can help your business grow

Blogging for Business: How a blog can help your business grow

If your business doesn’t have a blog in this age, you need to stop what you are doing right now and start blogging! Well, after you finish this article, of course. Blogs are no longer just domestic social tools- that was in the dinosaur era. If you were to scan your radar across the business world today, you’d find that not only do startups have blogs, but even the big boys like Dell are running at least one. If the giants in business are doing something, it would be wise for you to learn from them and take note on what is working for them. So grab your notebook and take some notes as you take a look at these 4 reasons why your company or office needs a business blog now.

Your Business Blog Can Help Build Loyal Communities

Having a business blog will help you build a community of loyal customers. As you update your blog, publishing post after post, you give readers a reason to come back again and again. With time, your blog for your business develops a loyal readership who will not only end up buying your product or service but may also talk others into giving you a sale. There’s nothing better than positive feedback from someone who actually loves and believes in your product. It is always honest and constructive, and will enable you to be innovative.

You Can Use a Business Blog to Build Trust

There are so many businesses offering a confusing array of products and services today. Yes, many will fail, but before that they have some customers to intrigue. People know that, and that is why they’ll usually test the waters with one leg before diving into business with you. That one-leg encounter is with your business blog. They’ll go through your posts and see how helpful they are before they can decide if you’re worth doing business with. If you don’t have a blog, you don’t stand a chance even in the preliminary selection. Starting a business blog will enable you to showcase as much of your offerings as you can, which will build trust in potential customers.

A Regularly Updated Business Blog Improves traffic

Google and all their friends love updates. The only way you can satisfy this hunger for fresh content is by running a business blog for your company website. As you update it and as people comment, like and share your content, the search engines will notice the life on your website and this will bring it up in the search results. This, needless to say, gives you increased exposure and potential for sales.

Your Business Blog Will Act As a Hub For All Your Social Media Activity

If you are using social media to market your business, you need fresh posts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram etc. But those posts can’t exactly be considered fresh if their links always point to the same old content you linked to 50 months ago now, can they? A business blog, therefore, acts as a home and a rich source for all your social media posts.

We hope our blog, will inspire you to start a blog for your business!

We wanted to reach out to all the new business owners and give you our best business advice for startups; explaining just why and how your website can benefit from starting and maintaining a blog. Starting a business blog today can really pump some vitality into your web presence. 

We are dedicated to updating our blog regulary with posts that can help any business succeed and grow. Follow us on Facebook to get all new articles delivered straight to your newsfeed. Happy Blogging! 

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