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Becoming a Morning Person is the Best New Year Resolution for New Business Owners

Becoming a Morning Person is the Best New Year Resolution for New Business Owners

2016 is just weeks away and as a new business owner you want to dedicate this year’s resolution to improving your business. One of the most beneficial ways to increase the value of both your professional and personal life is training your internal clock to becoming a morning person. If you are a morning snoozer that is tired of delaying your morning and want to become that early bird you have always dreamed of, look no further than this special article. Our tips will help you succeed in this new year resolution for new business owners by giving you the tools needed to be in control of your internal clock.    

New Year Resolution for New Business Owners: How to Become a Morning Person!

Understanding Your Internal Clock

Without getting too technical, your internal clock is a biological process that accounts for and controls a 24-hour period. Although your personal circadian rhythms are built-in from birth, they can be adjusted by external stimuli.

According to a Harvard Medical Publication, “The clock is largely self-regulating, its location allows it to respond to several types of external cues to keep it set at 24 hours.” Light, time, daily schedule and melatonin are external stimuli that can affect your sleep schedule and your internal clock.   

Main Takeaway: Melatonin regulates your sleep cycle and darkness causes more melatonin production. Be sure to keep all lights off (this includes televisions, tablets and cell phone light) when sleeping to get a good night’s sleep. 

Write Down Your Desired Morning Routine

Think about when you opened your business. You didn’t just wake up and start production; you made a thoughtful plan as to how your business would run and make a profit. Just like a business plan, you will want to create a plan to direct you on how to become a morning person.

It is important to lay out high goals to transform and train your internal clock, but it’s just as important to be realistic in creating your new routine. Get out a pen and paper and answer the following questions to develop your new ideal workday schedule: 

  1. 1.) In the beginning, it is suggested that you go to bed an hour before you want to fall asleep. What is your desired sleep time? Go ahead and subtract one hour and write down your new bed time.
  1. 2.) You have to completely eliminate the snooze button from your life; it’s sad, we know. As you start your new sleeping routine, there can be no distractions to keep you in bed. What is your desired wake up time?
  1. 3.) List out your personal obstacles and barriers that keep you from falling asleep. In order to correct your bad sleeping habits, we must find the root of your sleeping problem. Be honest with your answers and with each distraction you list create a plan to overcome that item. For example, if you delay sleeping each night because you are thinking about things you need to do tomorrow, create a to do list before going to bed. When you write out your thoughts, your brain will feel satisfied and will not dwell on tomorrow’s agenda.
  1. 4.) Think about what goes through your mind each morning when you hear that alarm clock go off. What is preventing you from springing out of bed with excitement and enthusiasm to start your day? Again, this portion of the exercise requires complete honesty. Are you dreading certain tasks of your day? Does your body feel tired and weak? Think about what keeps you in bed longer and try to create an action list to help alleviate those things that keep you from rising. For example, maybe you dread the commute to work in the morning. Start creating a plan of action that allows you to work from home during the beginning of your business day.      

Final Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

• Get excited! This popular new year resolution for new business owners is not easy and takes a whole lot of self-discipline, but the rewards are worth it. Top CEO’s all over the world are in agreement that waking up early improves their business’s productivity. Treat each day as an exciting opportunity to grow your business and really make an impact in your field or industry.  

• Be optimistic! Train your brain to look at the positives of any given day and feel your energy match your optimism each day. Think about your reaction to waking up on Christmas morning or how you jump out of bed to start a special day. You magically become a morning person because your optimism supersedes your desire to stay in bed. Treat each day with positivity and optimism.  

• Stick to your schedule! Getting more sleep and sticking to your routine will make your mornings easier and more enjoyable. Wake up at the same time every morning and adjust your internal clock to match your new sleep schedule. Like all New Year resolutions, it’s going to be tough at first, but commit to the goals you set out. It usually takes a person longer than a week to adjust to a new sleep schedule. Give yourself a month and check back on your calendar after 30 days to see your improvement.

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