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And the winner is…. A Courteous Communications!

And the winner is.... A Courteous Communications!


An Orlando Call Center Takes Home Another International Award of Excellence

A Courteous Communications receives the CAM-X Award of Excellence with our highest score yet. 

ORLANDO, FL – Nestled in the heart of Orlando is a team of virtual receptionists that have been providing elite customer service for the past 30 years. A Courteous Communications is very proud to announce their recent acceptance of the prestigious CAM-X Award of Excellence for outstanding customer service. This highly coveted international award was presented to President and Founder, Doris Primicerio, on October 2, 2015. Receiving awards based solely on their professional, helpful and friendly approach to call handling is something to celebrate and be extremely proud of.  

More About CAM-X. The Canadian Call Management Association (CAM-X) was founded in 1964 and recently held their 51st Annual Convention and Tradeshow in Charleston, South Carolina. CAM-X designed the Award of Excellence Program to ensure that call centers in the telecommunications industry are bringing the highest level of quality that businesses around the world demand. Elite customer service is difficult to measure and CAM-X created an advanced criteria and grading method in an intense 6-month monitoring program.   

The 6-Month Monitoring Program. CAM-X designates two independent judges to administer the call screening tests. Over a 6-month period of time, the judges will call the professional answering services participating in the program to monitor their level of customer service. All participating call centers are not given notice of when the mystery calls will be placed and so, it is a true test of how trained their telephone agents are. Providing these mystery tests over such a long period, coupled with the low mystery call rate, makes certain that the judges are receiving the call center’s average customer service experience.   

Details of the Testing. The expert judges make their mystery calls and disguise themselves as just another typical caller coming in on any given business line. Courteous’ Orlando Call Center agents would never be able to distinguish a real calling inquiry from this simulated incoming call. The agent is put through a series of tests that could encompass any one of the following types of calls: Order Entry, Fulfillment, Registration, Surveys, Escalated Emergency Response, Reservations or Help Desk services.      

Tallying the Final Score. When all calls have been made the judges then listen to the recorded test calls to place grades on ring count, hold time, answering phrase, messaging, close of the call and overall customer service. These are just the main categories of what is graded. The sub-categories consist of everything from the tone, knowledge and grammar; to the attitude, call control and confidence of the telephone agent. The scores are tallied up and an answering service must receive a total score of 80% or higher to successfully be considered for the Award of Excellence.     

Why This Award is Special. Being a well-respected and established 30-year old answering service, A Courteous Communications handles millions upon millions of phone calls each year. The very low number of mystery calls given over half a year’s time means that this Orlando Call Center handles millions of calls and exceeds in providing excellent customer service and assistance for each and every caller. They have won many customer service awards in the past but this one is even more special. The virtual receptionist team brought back the highest score they have ever received since opening in 1986; a very special victory indeed. Ms. Primicerio gleamed, “We are very proud of our team here. This award is not an easy award to earn. As we never know which call will be graded, every call our team takes has to pass all the criteria required to earn a winning call score. I can’t say enough good things about our staff. I am the grateful President of A Courteous Communications Corporation!”

Our Team of Skilled Virtual Receptionists– For the past 30 years, A Courteous Communications has taken pride in hiring the best of the best when it comes to customer service agents. They hire real people, with amazing personalities and provide on-going training and education programs to make sure they stay in the top tier of the telecommunications industry. Jean Pearson, Vice-President of A Courteous Communications, comments on their latest customer service award, “‘All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point.’ Thank you to my staff for traveling this road with us! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to making Courteous the best answering service solution.”

For more information, visit or email for a complimentary consultation. To take a look at the Facebook page of this Orlando Call Centerclick here and see their behind-the-scenes posts. 

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